MSVU Senate Minutes -- March 30 2009

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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1 Senate Meeting March 30, 2009 Rosaria Boardroom 7:30 p.m. Minutes of Meeting Present: K. Laurin (Chair), R. Bagg, R. Bérard, I. Blum, D. Bourne-Tyson, A. Davis, K. Dewar, S. Drain, R. Farmer, R. Gechtman, P. Glenister, C. Hill, J. Jackson, B. Jessop, N. Kayhani, M. Lyon, A. MacGillivary, B. MacInnes, J. MacLeod, L. Mann, J. Mills, L. Neilsen, J. Neilson, N. Peach, I. Pottie, J. Sawler, J. Sharpe, L. Steele, B. Taylor, D. Varga, S. Walsh, P.Watts, M. Whalen, D. Woolcott Regrets : E. Hicks Guests : K. Darvesh, C. French, L. Harrington, E. Knoll, R. MacIsaac, D. Plumb, G. Solomon K. Laurin welcomed members of Senate and guests to the meeting. J. Jackson introduced the incoming Studentsâ Union VP Academic, Lindy Harrington. N. Peach introduced the incoming Studentsâ Union Arts representative, Geoffrey Solomon. D. Woolcott introduced members of CAPP: K. Darvesh, D. Plumb, C. French, E. Knoll. 1. Approval of Agenda Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by S. Drain to approve the agenda with the changes noted below. CARRIED Item 7.1.2, Senate Award for Service in University Governance (confidential business) to follow item 7.4, Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee Item 7.3.1 Academic Plan 2009-2012 to follow 7.3.2 Policies and Procedures for Adding and Discontinuing Academic Programs Add item 7.10.2, Search Committee for Director of Facilities Management Item 7.5.1 should read 7.4.1 2. Approval of Minutes of March 2, 2009 Moved by L. Steele , seconded by J. MacLeod to approve the minutes of March 2, 2009 with the changes noted below. CARRIED. L. Mann pointed out an omission to the fourth paragraph beginning on page 3, the second sentence of which should read: â She also inquired about the status of the MA in Family Studies and Gerontology as the program was not included in the list of programs in Appendix A of the Academic Plan.â On Page 4, in line 15, M. Lyon indicated the minutes â â ¦ there would be a distinction made â ¦ â should read: â â ¦ there can be a distinction made â ¦ â 2 3. Business Arising from the Minutes 3.1 Revision to Senate by-law 14.7 Nominations Committee (Notice of motion 26 January, 2009) Moved by I. Blum, seconded by L. Mann that Senate approve the amendments to Senate by-law 14.7. CARRIED 4. Presidentâ s Announcements There were no announcements. 5. Question Period R. Bérard inquired about further news regarding governmentâ s willingness or ability to provide funding for university infrastructure. K. Laurin had nothing new to report at this time. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business. 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive 7.1.1 Lieutenant-Governorâ s Intergenerational Awards Moved by S. Drain, seconded R. Bérard to adopt the Lieutenant-Governorâ s Intergenerational Awards. CARRIED K. Laurin met with the Lieutenant-Governor on several occasions recently and these awards are in accord with Destination 2012, supporting the focus on social responsibility. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee There was no report 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning 7.3.2 Policies and procedures for adding and discontinuing academic programs Motion by D. Woolcott, seconded by M. Lyon.that Senate approve the Policies and Procedures for Developing New Academic Programs. CARRIED as amended by addition of the italicized text below S. Drain questioned the lack of reference to the mission of the University and its strategic objectives under Principles in the Policies and Procedures for Developing New Academic Programs, noting it is mentioned in the proposed Policies and Procedures for the Discontinuation of Academic Programs. D. Woolcott indicated that CAPP would accept this addition as a friendly amendment to the Policies and Procedures for Developing New Academic Programs S. Drainâ s amendment proposed that the second sentence under Principles read: â Senate makes a decision based on the relation of the program to the Universityâ s mission and strategic objectives, 3 the academic integrity and quality of the program, and the needs and interest of Mount Saint Vincent University, specifically the needs and interest of current and potential students.â R. Bérard expressed concern that this could imply a distinction between the mission and the needs and interest of the University. Motion by D. Woolcott, seconded by L. Steele that Senate approve the Policy and Procedures for the Discontinuation of Academic Programs. K. Dewar proposed an amendment to add in the second paragraph under Principles: â The suspension of enrolment in an academic program must be approved by Senate and in the case of programs in which enrolment has been suspended the relevant data in support of a recommendation to discontinue will not include the period following the suspension.â D. Woolcott did not believe this to be a part of a policy on discontinuation noting that it had not been discussed by CAPP. S. Drain proposed an amendment to add in the second paragraph under Principles that no suspensions of enrolment will take place except after a program has been discontinued through the Senate process if K. Dewarâ s proposed amendment is not acceptable. J. Sharpe felt that this would limit a program that wanted to suspend admission for a year but remain listed as available. D. Woolcott spoke on the practical reasons for the suspensions of programs which do not necessarily lead to discontinuation of programs. D. Varga raised a question as to the difference between suspending programs indefinitely but not really getting rid of them and discontinuing a program because of potential harm to the Universityâ s reputation. J. Sharpe responded that for Graduate Education the calendar does note that there are two programs offered every second year, and one program that has been suspended. R. Gechtman suggested a Principle stating that the suspension of enrolment in any program is an academic issue that should be decided by Senate and not by administrative means. R. Bérard did not think the approval of Senate is a practice at other universities. A. Davis commented that K. Dewarâ s proposed amendment could be augmented to cover instances when suspension is a precursor to discontinuation so that in such a case the data on enrolment after suspension not be a precursor to discontinuation, and that this be included as a fourth bullet or a footnote. K. Laurin suggested that K. Dewarâ s proposal could return to a future Senate meeting providing CAPP with an opportunity to consider it. M. Lyon clarif ied that there is enrolment and registration after suspension but no new admissions and there would be no new data included in the decision-making process. L. Mann stressed the importance of these policies and procedures but there is still a lot of uncertainty and distrust around the possibility of suspension and discontinuation. S. Drain proposed an amendment to the Procedures section by inserting as the fourth bullet: â When Senate does not approve a motion from CAPP to discontinue a program such a motion may not be introduced for a period of two yearsâ . This would ensure Senateâ s decision is respected. I. Blum commented that a period of two years could be beneficial for a program to regroup. 4 R. Bagg asked for clarification on whether this is a 24 month period or a period of two sessions. S. Drain clarified that she was indicating a 24 month period. A. Davis observed that, while this topic is important, it is not pertinent to this document and should be included in a separate document with a policy on suspension developed by CAPP. N. Peach stated that two years might be necessary to breathe new life into a program in need of additional promotion. N. Kayhani proposed an amendment to the third bullet under Procedures following the first sentence by adding: â A copy of the departmentâ s written response shall be included in the submission to Senateâ . K. Laurin suggested that members of Senate email other suggestions to D. Woolcott to bring forward to CAPP. Motion I. Blum, seconded by R. Bagg to table to a future meeting the motion that Senate approve the Policy and Procedures for the Discontinuation of Academic Programs. CARRIED 17 in favor 10 opposed 2 abstentions 7.3.1 Academic Plan 2009-2012 D. Woolcott introduced the Academic Plan document, outlining additions, changes in wording and additional details that have been added since the draft plan was circulated: a new second paragraph in the Introduction, the status of the Womenâ s Studies programs, clarification on the wording on recommendations for new program developments, more detail about Distance Learning programs and the rationale for new programs and discontinuation of programs. Motion by D. Woolcott, seconded by B. Taylor to approve the MSVU Academic Plan 2009-2012 with the following amendment: That Senate approve the MSVU Academic Plan 2009-2012 with the understanding that no recommendations for program discontinuation will come forward to Senate until the Policy and Procedures on Program Discontinuation are approved by Senate. CARRIED 25 in favor, 7 opposed M. Lyon discussed the feedback to the draft Plan indicating support and concern regarding programs, processes and policies that have been brought forward indicating that the revised version of the Plan has addressed these concerns. B. Taylor highlighted the new BA/BSc major requirements and combined majors in giving his support to the Plan. Members of CAPP in attendance commented on the importance of the Academic Plan and the work done to ensure comments regarding the Plan were addressed, the potential for new programs and majors, and serving the needs of students. Motion by N. Kayhani, seconded by R. Farmer to table the motion. WITHDRAWN K. Laurin opened the floor to members of Senate to give each member the opportunity to comment and voice concerns on the content of the Academic Plan 2009-2012. 5 A number of Senators had concerns with approval of the Academic Plan without the approval of the Policy and Procedures for the Discontinuation of Academic Programs, as the two documents are interrelated. M. Lyon addressed the concerns regarding the Policy and Procedures for the Discontinuation of Academic Programs by pointing out that Page 9, bullet 5 in the Academic Plan states â That CAPP bring forward proposals for the discontinuation of programs as recommended in the Academic Plan according to the approved Policy and Procedures for the Discontinuation of Academic Programs.â 7.1.2 Senate Award for Service in University Governance (confidential business) Motion by L. Neilsen, seconded by B. Jessop to proceed in camera for this item. CARRIED Motion by J. Sharpe, seconded by L. Steele to extend meeting beyond 10:30 p.m. CARRIED 7.4 Graduate Studies Program and Policies Committee 7.4.1 Applied Human Nutrition curriculum proposal, GAHN 6414, Nutrition Education in the Community: revised calendar description M. Lyon stated this item was for information only as the change was previously approved for NUTR 4414 which is cross-listed with GAHN 6414. 7.5 Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships and Awards Committee There was no report. 7.6 Undergraduate Curriculum 7.6.1 Changes to existing programs Biology concentration (4 units) Motion by J. Sharpe, seconded by S. Walsh to approve the addition of a four unit concentration in Biology. CARRIED I. Pottie noted a discrepancy between the online calendar and the printed version. The online version of the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar correctly includes a 3 hour lab component to BIOL 2207. Cultural Studies concentration (4 units) Motion by J. Sharpe seconded by R. Bagg to approve the addit ion of a four unit concentration in Cultural Studies. CARRIED 7.6.2 Notice of motion: Revision to Senate By-law 14.3.2, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee additional function 7.6.3 Change to existing course (for information) BIOL 3322, Developmental Biology: new prerequisite and description 6 7.7 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) There was no report. 7.8 Committee on Information Technology and Services There was no report. 7.9 Library R. Bagg commented that the University Librarian presented the Committee with a draft vision, mission, goals and purposes document for the Library. 7.10 Nominations 7.10.1 Review Committee for University Librarian Motion by I. Blum, seconded by D. Varga that Senate elect the individuals noted below to the Review Committee for the University Librarian. CARRIED Senate Representative â Prof. R. Bagg Professional Librarian â Mr. T. Paris Faculty-at-large â Prof. J. Mills 7.10.2 Search Committee for Director of Facilities Management Motion by I. Blum, seconded by R. Bagg that Prof. P. Mombourquette be elected to the Search Committee for Director of Facilities Management. CARRIED I. Blum reported that: E. Church has agreed to serve on the Destination 2012 Implementation Team as Education Faculty representative effective January 1, 2009; two faculty members, F. French and M. Fitzgerald, have been elected to serve on a search committee for the Endowed Chair in Learning Disabilities; and faculty representatives on the Board of Governors have been elected: R. Bérard and K. Blotnicky. 7.11 Research and Publications There was no report. 7.12 Student Affairs There was no report. 7.13 Committee on Teaching and Learning P. Watts announced that the winner of the Innovative Teaching Award is D. Plumb. 7.14 Writing Initiatives 7 S. Drain reported that the postponed session did take place and was well received. Additional information will be in the Bright Ideas Bulletin which should be distributed this week. 7.15 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships There was no report. 7.16 University Research Ethics Board There was no report. 8 Other Reports 8.1 Students Union J. Jackson reported that communication has taken place with students regarding the Womenâ s Studies program. Studentsâ Union elections for the forthcoming year are complete and the transition has begun with the Executive for next year. Studentsâ Union is still working on a governance model. The Mountâ s Environmental Society is sponsoring Muggy Mondays, giving out coffee in the EMF link if you bring your own mug. The Student Awards night was held the previous week. 8.2 Destination 2012 There was no report. 8.3 Joint Board-Senate Liaison Committee K. Laurin reported that the Liaison Committee will be meeting next week. 9 New Business There was no new business. Moved by R. Bagg to adjourn the meeting at 10:43 p.m. CARRIED Respectfully submitted, Cynthia Hay