MSVU Senate Minutes -- March 29 2010

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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Senate Meeting March 29, 2010 Rosaria Boardroom 8:55 p.m. MINUTES Present: A. McDonough (Chair), R. Bérard, I. Blum, D. Bourne-Tyson, K. Darvesh, S. Drain, R. Farmer, P. Glenister, F. Harrington, L. Herrington, E. Hicks, J. Hollett, B. Jessop, N. Kayhani, K. Kienapple, M. Lyon, A. MacGillivary, B. MacInnes, R. MacKay, J. MacLeod, M. MacMillan, L. Mann, J. Neilson, I. Pottie, J. Sharpe, G. Solomon, L. Steele, B. Taylor, J. Tucker-Johnston, D. Varga, S. Walsh, P. Watts, R. Zuk Regrets: M. Finney, S. Perrott, C. Schneider, R. Warne Guests: Paula Crouse, Kelly Gallant, Geoff McCarney, Chelsea Stewart A. McDonough called the meeting to order at 8:57 pm after the completion of the March 8, 2010 agenda. 1. Approval of Agenda Moved by R. Farmer, seconded by A. MacGillivary to approve the agenda with the following additions: Item 8.2 Board of Governors and Item 7.10.2 Enabling motion re: committee membership. 2, Approval of Minutes of March 8, 2010â Deferred 3. Business Arising from the Minutes There was no business arising from previous minutes. 4. Presidentâ s Announcements A. McDonough spoke on the importance of respectful dialogue at meetings of Senate to ensure freedom of speech by all members and that issues are dealt with in a respectful manner. She spoke to Senators regarding the opening comments at the Board of Governors meetings and the possibility of a similar opening statement at Senate meetings. She mentioned that since her meeting with the provincial post-secondary education reviewer, Dr. Tim Oâ Neill, there has been no follow-up as yet due to his recent absence from the province. All the university presidents in NS had a meeting with the new provincial Deputy Minister for Policy and Planning, Rick Williams, and five other deputy ministers regarding the provincial governmentâ s transformative agenda. Renewal for the commitment to implement employment equity is due. Although this is a federal requirement, it is also consistent with the Strategic Planning process on employability, diversity, and equity. L. Mann noted that there is also an Employment Equity Committee on campus with representation from across campus, including students, and the committee has been meeting regularly. 2 5. Question Period L. Mann asked if information resulting from any meetings with Dr. Oâ Neill will be communicated to the University Community. A. McDonough responded that there is a draft that will be reviewed soon before distribution. R. Zuk asked about updates to the online calendar and the B. A. A. (Information Technology) since the calendar states that students will not be admitted to the program for the 2010-2011 year. B. MacInnes indicated that this had been inserted into the new calendar unintentionally. M. Lyon responded that prior to the policy regarding suspension of programs, admission to the department had been suspended and the notice has been on the website since then. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business. 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad Hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive Moved by J. Neilson, seconded by L. Steele that Senate ratify the decision by Senate Executive for Dr. Karen Blotnicky to serve as a replacement member of the Search Committee for the Deans of Arts and Science and of Professional Studies. CARRIED I. Blum removed himself from the process as he had written a letter of recommendation for one of the Dean candidates. Moved by R. Bérard, seconded by N. Kayhani that Senate Executive develop a generic opening statement to be read at the beginning of each Senate meeting that will address issues of the free expression of Senators with reasoned and respectful debate on matters before. CARRIED L. Mann pointed out that any language used in this statement be in line with the MSVUFA Collective Agreement. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee B. MacInnes reported that no appeals have come forward. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning 7.3.1 Articulation Agreement between MSVU and Gin Ling College, China Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by A. MacGillivary that Senate approve the Memorandum of Co-operation between Mount Saint Vincent University and Ginling College, Nanjing Normal University, China, with minor corrections to section 2.1. CARRIED S. Drain questioned if the University offered an undergraduate program in Financial Management as stated on page 1 under Background of Cooperation (items c, d). A. MacGillivary responded that financial management refers to a combination of courses in accounting, finance and management. There is no degree or major in financial management and this phrase should be in lower case throughout the document. M. Lyon clarified that students would be graduating with a BBA. S. Drain asked for clarification on the 2+2 program as the units appear not to total 20 for the Bachelor degree in order to be sure that students would not be receiving a 3 year Bachelor of Business Administration degree. M. Lyon noted that students will not be admitted to MSVU until they complete the first 2 years at Ginling College. A. MacGillivary indicated that students would have to take two full years of academic studies and two full years of business courses at MSVU. K. Kienapple commented that the two years of English is in addition to other courses the students will be taking during this time. 3 S. Drain asked if a signed agreement should have been included as described in section 2.1. There was agreement that the document include the words â to beâ before â signed on May 13, 2010â and correct the misspelling of â complementaryâ . 7.3.2 Collaboration Agreement between MSVU and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by K. Kienapple that Senate approve the Collaboration Agreement between Mount Saint Vincent University and the Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University located in Jinshan, Peopleâ s Republic of China. CARRIED 7.3.3 Notice of Motion: Revision of Senate By-law 14.3, Committee on Academic Policy and Planning 7.4 Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee 7.4.1 Public Relations course addition GPRL 6203, Special Topics in Public Relations (0.5 unit) Moved by K. Kienapple, seconded by M. Lyon that Senate approve the new course, GPRL 6203. CARRIED 7.5 Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships and Awards Committee There was no report. 7.6 Undergraduate Curriculum 7.6.1 Program course changes (for approval) Child and Youth Study course deletion CHYS 3370, Professional Training and Development (0.5 unit) Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded by A. MacGillivary that Senate approve the deletion of CHYS 3370. CARRIED Psychology course addition PSYC 2213, Emotion and Motivation (0.5 unit) Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded by F. Harrington that Senate approve the addition of PSYC 2213. CARRIED M. MacMillan wondered why under Departmental Considerations the word unanimous is used when referring to the departmentâ s approval. J. Sharpe will look into this and report back at the next meeting of Senate. 7.7 Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) There was no report. 7.8 Information Technology and Services R. Farmer reported that a meeting will be held in April. 7.9 Library There was no report. 7.10 Nominations 7.10.1 Senate election results 4 I. Blum reported on the completion of faculty election results conducted this term. The following members of faculty were elected to the Senate, the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (CAPP), and to the Senate Nominations Committee (SNC) for the terms indicated: Senate Member Term Starts Term Ends Dr. Ken Dewar, Humanities 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Susan Drain, Humanities 3 March 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Robert Farmer, Prof Studies 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Carmel French, Prof Studies 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Ron MacKay, Science 3 March 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Peter Mombourquette, Prof Studies 1 January 2011 30 June 2013 Dr. Lorri Neilsen, Education 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Deborah Norris, Prof Studies 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. James Sawler, Social Sciences 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Senate Nominations Committee Member Term Starts Term Ends Dr. Robert Berard, Education 1 January 2011 30 June 2013 Dr. Fred French, Education 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Jonathan Roberts, Arts and Science 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Committee on Academic Policy and Planning Member Term Starts Term Ends Dr. Ken Dewar, Arts and Science 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Fred French, Education 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Dr. Amy Thurlow, Prof Studies 1 July 2010 30 June 2013 Two of the newly elected members agreed to start their terms on Senate immediately to fill current vacancies; one newly elected member of CAPP has agreed to begin a term on CAPP immediately, provided Senate approves a proposed enabling motion; and there remains a vacancy on CAPP for a member from Professional Studies, beginning January 1, 2011. 7.10.2 Enabling Motion re: Committee Membership Moved by I. Blum, seconded by L. Steele that Dr. Fred French be appointed as a committee member on CAPP as representative for Arts & Science with a term from March 29, 2010 to June 30, 2011. CARRIED I. Blum gave background on the vacancy and unsuccessful search for a representative from Arts and Science; having Dr. French fill this role would allow for a full complement for CAPP for the remainder of this year. P. Watts commented that, though Dr. French is an Education faculty member, he would be representing Arts and Science until July 2010. I. Blum noted that a list of vacancies has been distributed for suggestions for representatives to Senate committees and noted the issue of recruiting committee. 7.11 Research and Publications 7.11.1 Revision of Canada Research Chairs Program Strategic Research Plan Moved by F. Harrington, seconded by D. Bourne-Tyson that Senate approve the revisions to the Canada Research Chairs Program: Strategic Research Plan. CARRIED F. Harrington indicated that the document has been revised for purposes of updating and that there have been no significant changes to the document. 5 S. Drain noted that the document footer contains the term â summaryâ . F. Harrington responded that the â summaryâ will be removed; what was distributed is the full document. S. Drain questioned the release of teaching duties for the Associate Vice President Academic as noted on page 5 of the document. M. Lyon responded that this clarifies that the position is full time. I. Pottie noted that a previous Director of Research had been given release from teaching duties. F. Harrington responded that it is included in the document so any outside readers would know it was a full time position. S. Drain wondered if language was included under Measuring Success on page 6 that anticipated new hirings. F. Harrington noted that there are currently two Chairs and with retirements and terms ending there could always be turnover. 7.12 Student Experience There was no report. 7.13 Teaching and Learning P. Watts reported that the committee has adjudicated the applications for the Presidents Visiting Lecture Series fund and selected a proposal titled, Expert Teachers Learning from Our Peers, from Dr. Elizabeth Bowering who suggested inviting Dr. Ken Bain, Vice Provost for Instruction at the Research Academy for University Learning at Montclair University. She also reported that â Service Learningâ has been selected as the Faculty Day theme and participation in the planning committee is welcome. There were no applications or nominations for the Innovative Teaching Award or the Instructional Leadership Award this year. 7.14 Writing Initiatives P. Watts reported that the writing open house was held on February 12. The committee is considering a one day conference on writing for fall 2010. 7.15 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships B. MacInnes reported that March 15 was the deadline for internal scholarships and that there has been an increase in scholarship applications. J. Tucker-Johnston questioned the GPA calculation for scholarships, noting that, when students transfer from some other institutions, marks are transferred with a P for Pass which has no effect on GPAs. B. MacInnes responded that transfer students are not included in the entrance scholarship pool and that student averages for transfers sometimes had a negative effect on GPA calculations and some transferring students found themselves on academic probation; transferring all grades as a P makes it fair to students regardless of transferring institution. J. Tucker-Johnston noted that when students transfer in with P for Pass this can be a hindrance subsequently when applying for CMA or other designations. B. MacInnes responded that in those cases students would submit transcripts from all institutions of study which would reflect all grades; since each institution has its own academic criteria, the pass/fail transfer is preferable as a generic treatment. 7.16 University Research Ethics Board There was no report. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Studentsâ Union J. Neilson reported that elections have been completed and Lindy Herrington has been elected President for 2010-2011 and Chelsea Stewart as Vice President Student Advocacy. A highly successful Student Awards Night was held last week and J. Neilson wanted to note the participation of the Deans. He noted the studentsâ concern at the loss to the Business faculty of Dr. Bagg for health reasons. 6 8.2 Board of Governors R. Bérard reported that Board members had the opportunity to tour the laboratory and chapel renovations and the scope of the renovations was presented by Brian Jessop. A number of compliance reports was passed and there were discussions around the meeting with Dr. Tim Oâ Neill meetings and Destination 2012. At the request of the finance committee, the Board adopted an Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability code. The Board also considered two collective agreements that are under review. 8.3 Destination 2012 R. Farmer reported that the most recent discussions involved the communication plan. 8.4 Joint Board-Senate Liaison Committee L. Steele reported that the Committee met on February 22 and discussed the Terms of Reference, noting they were not a decision-making committee but a communication body and a forum to exchange ideas. Implementation of Destination 2012 and the Academic Plan were also discussed. 8.5 Administrative Search Committees M. MacMillan reported on the Presidential Search Committee and the high caliber of the candidates. An opportunity was provided for feedback and the committee received a number of responses. It is anticipated that the process will be concluded before the originally established time line. M. Lyon reported on the Search Committee for the Associate Vice President Academic and Research noting that there was feedback on the candidates and the conclusion of the search should be soon. M. Lyon reported on the Vice President Academic Search Committee is considering a short list and is hoping to bring candidates forward in the next few weeks. K. Darvesh reported on the Dean of Arts & Science Search Committee noting that an announcement will be going out requesting feedback on the candidates. The committee is now receiving feedback on the Dean of Professional Studies candidate as well. 9. New Business J. Tucker-Johnston spoke on an email she received requesting her username and password. The email came from a MSVU email address. B. Jessop responded that this was likely a phishing attempt since the Mount IT&S staff would not be asking for a username or password. Email addresses used for these phishing attempts are constantly being changed. R. Farmer noted that this could be brought to the Information Technology and Services Committee and the policies and procedures for changing passwords could be discussed. 10. Items for Communication Agreements for signature; calendar course addition and deletion; revised Research policy 11. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 10:21 pm. Respectfully submitted, Cynthia Black