2013 International Co‑operative Governance Symposium in Halifax, Canada

The International Co‑operative Governance Symposium in Halifax, Canada (September 5-7 2013) provided an opportunity for co‑operative leaders, academics and practitioners to discuss the importance of good governance that fosters co‑operative identity and to provide insights into the participation theme of the International Co‑operative Alliance’s (ICA) Blueprint for a Co‑operative Decade and associated 2020 Vision. Participants explored the unique aspects of co‑operative governance and identified challenges, opportunities, and best governance practices from their experiences and perspectives, but also the overlapping requirements of leadership and accountability shared with other business types. Along with the symposium program, Governance Symposium Summary Report, included are presentations by the following presenters: Andres Kim; Bob Cannell; Darryl Reed; Erin Hancock; Joel Stoddart; John McNamara; Karl Huhtala; Kathy Johnson; Larry Haiven; Leo Leblanc; Linda Moulin; Quintin Fox; Ryszard Stocki; Sherwood Scholl Goehring; Thomas Gray; Themes of the symposium include: Democratic Control and Meaningful Participation; Engaging and Inspiring Co-operative Culture; Meeting Member Needs; Long Term Viability; Training and Education for Good Governance;