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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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Senate Meeting September 24, 2007 Rosaria Boardroom 7:30 p. m. Minutes of Meeting Present: K. Laurin (Chair), R. Bérard, I. Blum, B. Casey, P. Crouse, A. Daley, A. Eaton, M. Forrest, R. Gechtman, P. Glenister, J. Gordon, P. Gouthro, C. Hill, M. Lyon, B. MacInnes, J. MacLeod, K. Manning, A. McCalla, G. McCarney, S. Mumm, M. Raven, J. Sawler, S. Seager, J. Sharpe, L. Steele , S. Walsh, P. Watts, A. Whitewood, D. Woolcott, R. Zuk. Regrets: D. Bourne-Tyson, A. Davis, R. MacKay, B. Taylor, M. Whalen Guest: R McIsaac President Laurin opened the meeting by welcoming returning as well as new senators from faculty: J. Gordon, S. Walsh, R. Gechtman, and M. Forrest and the Registrar, B. MacInnes, and introduced S. Vanderaa as the new recording secretary to the Senate. 1. Approval of Agenda K. Laurin asked that Item 7.4 be permanently removed from the Agenda as the Graduate Studies Committee had been restructured. Moved by J. Gordon, seconded by M. Raven to approve the agenda with the removal of item 7.4. CARRIED. 2. Approval of Minutes of April 23, 2007 Minor typographical corrections were made to the minutes of April 23, 2007 in paragraph 1 on page 5, â Brenda Harvey (2000, Cert. IT/BBA)â should read â Brenda Harvey (2000 BAA IT /Cert Business Admin)â and to paragraph 2, page 5 â Senators were concerned with the number of new faculty hired and the support to â ¦â should read â Senators were concerned with the lack of new faculty hired and the lack of support that â ¦â Moved by R. Bérard, seconded by A. Whitewood to approve the Minutes of April 23, 2007. with the noted corrections. CARRIED. Approval of Minutes of May 4, 2007 Minor typographical corrections were made to the Minutes of May 4, 2007. A. Daley and A. Eaton were not present at that meeting. In 5.4.1 the last sentence â â ¦ and at most one university librarianâ should read â â ¦ and at most one professional librarianâ . In 5.6 â this year will be awarded to S. Brigham of the Education departmentâ should read â this year will be awarded to S. Brigham of the Education Facultyâ . In 5.10, fourth paragraph, â â ¦ Student Union â ¦â should read â â ¦ Studentsâ Union â ¦â . Moved by A. Daley, seconded by M. Raven to approve the Minutes of May 4, 2007 with the above noted corrections. CARRIED. 2 Approval of Minutes of June 19, 2007 On page 2, paragraph 2, the sentence â All items were tested against the spirit of the Mount and in keeping with the Mission, Vision and Values and this was absolutely non negotiable â should end after the word â Valuesâ . Moved by S. Seager, seconded by L. Steele to approve the Minutes of June 19, 2007with the noted amendment. CARRIED. 3. Business Arising from the Minutes There was no business arising from the minutes. 4. Presidentâ s Announcements K. Laurin related that the provincia l Department of Education will be approaching Cabinet to obtain a mandate to negotiate a new memorandum of Understanding with the universities in the Province as this is the third and final year of the current MOU. Administrative Vice-Presidents have met to gather data and to discuss the gathering of data. There will also be meetings between the Department and provincial student associations to inform students of the preliminary stages. Amanda Whitewood will be the Mount contact person and will keep Senate informed. All senate members should have received a link to the new Research Matters website which highlights the Mountâ s new faculty and the Canada Research Chairs. In July the provincial Department of Health announced a vaccination program for grade 12 and university students to counter the outbreak of the mumps primarily among university aged students. The Mount has begun the voluntary vaccination program and C. Hill reported that by October 1, 2007 there will have been 500 students inoculated. The provincial government has commissioned a three person panel (the Hon. Myra Freeman, former St. Thomas University President, Dan Oâ Brien, and Bill Whalen) to undertake a review of teacher training within the province. The panel will conduct on-site visits of various campuses across the province. The visit to the Mount was held on September 20 at which time the panel met with the President and D. Woolcott and had the opportunity to spend half a day with the Education faculty and students. The review should be completed by the end of the semester and Senate will be updated when the report is complete. The Capital Campaign launch will take place at a barbeque on September 25. The Steering Committee is prospecting for individuals interested in joining the Campaign cabinet which has the responsibility for soliciting donations. Those attending the barbeque will be able to meet Dr. Martha Jodrey, Campaign Chair and the Hon. Myra Freeman as well as view the building drawings and obtain additional information on the project. A special meeting of Senate was held on June 19 to review the latest draft of the Strategic Plan. Members of the University community were invited to respond electronically by Oct. 1 to the draft, and CAPP will provide a summary and response to the feedback from academic areas to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. 5. Question Period No questions were raised. 6. Unfinished Business A Senator asked about progress on the Award for Service which had been discussed some time ago. K. Laurin reported that Senate Executive had referred this to A. Whitewood but as yet there is nothing to report to Senate. 3 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad Hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive 7.1.1 Faculty Attire at Convocation P. Glenister reported that before he began to survey other universities for their policy on this topic he discovered that the Mountâ s Convocation committee has had a policy in place to deal with this matter. At an upcoming meeting of the Committee this topic will be on the agenda and a report for Senate should be ready for the next meeting. 7.1.2 Parliamentarian K. Laurin announced that Ilya Blum has agreed to another term as Parliamentarian for the Senate. Moved by R. Zuk, seconded by S. Seager to appoint Ilya Blum as Parliamentarian for Senate. CARRIED. 7.1.2 Ratification of election of members of Senate, Senate committees, and appointment of Student Judicial and Discipline Appeals committee Chairs I. Blum reported that when the list of elected members came before the Senate in May there was an incorrect listing of the candidates; this list has been corrected and distributed to Senate for this meeting. Although committee chairs are normally appointed by Senate, Senate Executive felt that in order to proceed with any academic appeals, the correction could not wait until the September Senate meeting. Moved by I. Blum, seconded by A. McCalla that Senate ratify the appointment of the chairs of the Student Judicial Committee and the Student Discipline Appeals Committee. CARRIED 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee J. Sawler reported that appeals continue to come to the committee and a hearing had occurred in the last week. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning Committee 7.3.1 Exchange Agreement between MSVU and FH Wien University of Applied Sciences 7.3.2 Memorandum of Understanding between MSVU and International University Audentes, Tallinn, Estonia 7.3.3 Exchange Agreement between MSVU and International University Audentes Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by M. Lyon that Senate approve the Student Exchange Agreement between Mount Saint Vincent University and FH Wien University of Applied Sciences of WKW and with the International University Audentes (IUA) along with a general memorandum of understanding with International University Audentes, Tallinn, Estonia. CARRIED. 7.4 Graduate Studies Removed from the agenda. 7.5 Graduate Studies Program and Policy There was no report. 7.6 Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships and Awards Committee M. Lyon reported that the Committee has sent out a call for nominations for the Graduate Thesis Award and a call for proposals for graduate student assistantships. Information has also been sent out on the SSHRC/NCIA Canada Graduate Scholarship and posted to the website. An 4 information session will be held in October for students interested in applying for scholarships. Senators and colleagues should inform any of their students who may be interested in applying for these scholarships. 7.7 Undergraduate Curriculum There was no report 7.8 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) There was no report. 7.9 Committee on Information Technology and Services There was no report. 7.10 Library Committee There was no report. 7.11 Nominations 7.11.1 Nominations for Standing Committees Moved by P. Crouse, seconded by J. Gordon that that the following Senate Nominations Committee recommendations for election to the Standing Committees of Senate be approved with the addition of Dr. Angela Birt, as an alternate, be added to the Student Judicial Committee with her term beginning immediately and ending June 30, 2010 and the addition of Dr. Mary Delaney to the Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee with her term begin ning immediately and ending June 30, 2010. CARRIED Committee Individual Elected Term Begins Term Ends Graduate Studies Program and Policy Dr. Janette Taper (GAHN) When elected June 30, 2010 Student Judicial Committee (as alternate) Dr. Felicia Eghan When elected June 30, 2010 Student Discipline Appeals Committee (as alternate) Dr. Felicia Eghan When elected June 30, 2010 Student Judicial Committee (as alternate) Dr. Angela Birt When elected June 30, 2010 Student Discipline Appeals Committee (as alternate) Dr. Angela Birt When elected June 30, 2010 Graduate Studies Program and Policy Dr. Mary Delaney Immediately June 30, 2010 7.12 Research and Publications: There was no report. 7.13 Student Affairs 7.13.1 Representation of Faculties on Senate Committees: Student Affairs (including Student Judicial Committee and Discipline Appeals Committee) C. Hill reported that this issue was referred in 2006 to the Student Affairs Committee and a meeting was held between the President of the Studentsâ Union, J. Lumsden, Acting Dean of Student Affairs, and the Manager of the Studentsâ Union. A proposal was made whereby people could nominate either themselves or others and the Student Affairs Committee would select representatives form the list of nominees. Item 7.13.1 is to serve as a Notice of Motion to revise By-law 14.9. 5 7.13.2 Proposed Revisions to Student Judicial Code Moved by C. Hill, seconded by G. McCarney that Senate approve the revisions to the Student Judicial Code with respect to selecting student members for SJC and DAC. A Senator pointed out that the wording in section 2.6 may not be appropriate and that sentence two which reads â If these students are unable to serve, or if the position is vacant, then the student members shall be appointed by the Dean of Student Affairs, in consultation with facultyâ should be amended to add as the final phrase â who are not members of the Student Judicial or Disciplinary Appeals Committeeâ . Moved by I. Blum, seconded by D. Woolcott to amend the policy section 2.6 with the above noted change. CARRIED. Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve the amended revisions to the Student Judicial Code with respect to selecting student members for SJC and DAC. CARRIED 7.14 Committee on Teaching and Learning 7.14.1 Notice of Motion: Re Proposed Changes to Senate By-Law 14.10.1, Committee on & Learning, Writing Initiatives Committee 7.15 Writing Initiatives There was no report. 7.16 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships There was no report. 7.17 University Research Ethics Board M. Forrest reported that last year the Committee handled 160 proposals which was an increase over the previous year. This year there have been 27 proposals to date. The Committee has one new member at large and E. Bowering may be in discussion with the Nominations Committee due to the increased workload as it appears that there is a need for at least one additional member. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Board of Governors R. Bérard indicated that the Board of Governors met on June 21 for both the June and Annual meetings. Dr. Martha Jodrey, Chair of the Capital Campaign, made a presentation to inform the Board about the Campaign. The Board was updated on the proposed new endowed Chair of Learning and Disabilities, on scholarship and bursary funds, and on the Strategic Plan. Some minor changes were made to the Terms of Reference of the Board Committees to update the language. A confidential session was held to report on faculty negotiations. The Board also approved a new Stewardship Policy. 8.2 Studentsâ Union A. Daley noted a successful Frosh Week with an increased participation rate. The Cystic Fibrosis Shinearama Campaign has raised $12,000 so far and fundraising will continue with the intention of reaching a $16,000 goal. The Studentsâ Union is in the middle of by-elections and new representatives of the SRC will be announced on October 2. Podcasts are now available on the new CROW radio and all are invited to listen. Amy Eaton has been successful in building the Tutor Bank and currently has 32 tutors available to assist students in reaching their academic goals. Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has begun with the Run for the Cure being held on September 30th and Breast Cancer Awareness Day is on October 4th. The Studentsâ Union CFO Morris MacLeod has started a student fundraising committee to find innovative ways to raise funds to cover Studentsâ Union Services. Vinnieâ s Pub daytime hours have been extended. The Diversity Centre and the Food Bank have been relocated near the Studentsâ Union offices to 6 increase visibility. Crosswalk safety has been an issue here at the Mount for some time and there is an awareness campaign being held on October 4th including a campus petition to have a set of traffic lights installed in front of the Seton Academic Centre. The Studentsâ Union has also been heavily involved in the development of the new Strategic Plan and will launch the full Draft Strategic Plan on the Studentsâ Union website so that the students have an opportunity to review the draft. The Studentsâ Union has been working with the Public Relations students on an Internal and External Communications Plan to obtain better information on how to reach both on and off campus students to inform them of Studentsâ Union activities and so that there is improved communication between students and the Studentsâ Union. G. McCarney raised the issue of student involvement in the development of the Strategic Plan and how, in moving from the development to the implementation stage, the Studentsâ Union hopes to develop an appendix to the draft to help develop a set of principles to maximise the amount of input students are able to give. The principles should be based on the premise that students are viewed not only as consumers but also as actors and stakeholders and that would also recognise the barriers to student participation and ways to overcome those barriers. Studentsâ Union goal is to make their submission to SRC and obtain approval to send the document to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee on October 1st. The graduate student orientation held in conjunction with the Office of Graduate Studies was a great success. A Senator asked if it is known how many students circumstances have been such as to force them to make use of the Food Bank. A. Daley agreed to bring the figures to the next meeting. 9. New Business 9.1 Annual Reports of Senate Committees (Receive only) Moved by R. Bérard , seconded by M. Forrest that Senate agree to receive annual reports of Senate Committees for information only at todayâ s meeting. CARRIED. D. Woolcott reported that the CAPTAA report suggests recommendations on updating the Guidelines for Granting Professor Emeritus Status and that these will come to Senate later. In the Academic Appeal Committee report, a correction was noted in paragraph three â assessingâ should read â accessingâ . A Senator raised a question regarding section 4 of the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning, Academic Program Reviews, as to whether the Reports from last yearâ s reviewers have been received. D. Woolcott clarifie d that this section was referring to site visits which had been completed. As for the program reviews currently under consideration, the site visits have been completed but those under consideration are in progress and have not yet completed the CAPP review process. In the Graduate Studies Committee Annual Report a correction is to be made to the Committee members list indicating â Dr. Donna Varga, Department of Womenâ s Studiesâ should read â Dr. Donna Varga, Representative from the Graduate Womenâ s Studie s Programâ . A Senator commended the Graduate Studies Committee and the Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee reports for having summarized a list of the items they had approved as this was very helpful in reading the report and other committees should consider reporting in a similar manner. In the Senate Committee on Informatio n Technology & Services report, a Senator inquired if the PDF format of the Faculty Guide to Technology on Campus & Student Computing Guide was 7 available. P. Crouse stated that the Guide is available but not the revised version as the Committee is still working on this item. A Senator referred to the Password Changes Policy and Procedure and questioned whether frequent password changes really did increase security and whether the current 90 day requirement could be changed to make the password system less cumbersome. A. Whitewood responded by informing the Senate that the committee had negotiated with the Universityâ s auditors from their current â best practiceâ recommendation of password changes every 30 days in favour of the less frequent 90 day cycle. P. Crouse reported that she has been assisting with a password change station for employees to set up a challenge question that could be used to assist with remembering various passwords. A Senator questioned the role of â Insightâ with respect to its use in distributing the Email Confidentiality Discla imer. The content of â Insightâ may not be seen by all who may be affected by such notices; is it a newsletter playing the role of a memo that includes instructions and information. K. Laurin agreed to take this point under advisement. A Senator inquired about the Committeeâ s role with regard to recommendations to academic policies and grants. D. Woolcott clarified that the intent was to point out the important role that IT&S played in assisting the Office of Research and the faculty members in identifying their IT needs for research grant purposes. In the Nominations Committee report, a Senator requested an explanation of the intent of item E. Recommendations sub-section 5 referring to the frequency of meeting and restructuring of committees. I. Blum clarified that some committees meet infrequently which raised the possibility of restructuring those committees. I. Blum agreed that the Committee should resubmit these items at a later date and that other recommendations with more detailed rationale will be brought forward in the future. In the Committee on Research and Publications report, a Senator inquired about the status of the Bonus Points Policy which had gone to the Committee for review. As there was no Committee representative available at this meeting, this item will be noted for a subsequent Senate meeting. Regarding the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Schola rships report, a Senator asked for the number of students who required Bursaries as funds have been moved from Bursaries into Scholarships and if this action meant that there was less need for Bursaries. This item will be referred back to the Committee so that an answer can be brought to a future meeting. A correction to the University Research Ethics Board report page 2, second paragraph was noted to change â Daviesâ to â Davisâ . A Senator noted that, in reviewing the breakdown of department of origin of research ethics applications, it appears that the bulk comes from the Professional Studies and Education Faculties yet the Board has more members from Arts and Sciences than Professional Studies and Education combined; perhaps the Board should consider a more equitable distribution of representatives. 9.2 Annual Report of Nancyâ s Chair in Womenâ s Studies (For Information) Moved by R. Zuk, seconded by J. Gordon to receive the Nancyâ s Chair Report. CARRIED 9.3 Fall 2006 Graduation List (Confidential Business) Moved by S. Seager, seconded by G. McCarney to move in camera. CARRIED. Senate approved the following degrees, diplomas, and certificates as follows: Certificate in Business Administration Lyon/Sharpe Certificate in Marketing Lyon/Hill Certificate of Proficiency in French-Honours Mumm/Steele 8 Diploma in Business Administration Lyon/Hill Degree of Bachelor of Arts Mumm/McCalla Degree of Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts Mumm/McCarney Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Advanced Major) Mumm/Segar Advanced Major Certificate in Arts Mumm/Gordon Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) History Mumm/Gordon Honours Certificate in Arts (French) Mumm/Segar Degree of Bachelor of Applied Arts (Child and Youth Study Honours) Lyon/Forrest Degree of Bachelor of Applied Arts (Child and Youth Study in association with Bermuda College) Lyon/BJrard Degree of Bachelor of Applied Arts (Child and Youth Study Honours With First Class Honours) Lyon/Forrest Degree of Bachelor of Applied Arts (Family Studies and Gerontology) Lyon/Gordon Bachelor of Applied Arts (Information Technology) Lyon/McCarney Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration Lyon/Daley Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in association with Bermuda College Lyon /Walsh Degree of Bachelor of Public Relations Lyon/Manning Degree of Bachelor of Science Mumm/Seager Advanced Major Certificate in Science Mumm/Blum Honours Certificate in Science (Honours) given jointly by Mount Saint Vincent University and Dalhousie University Mumm/Blum Degree of Bachelor of Science Applied Human Nutrition Lyon/Woolcott Degree of Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management Lyon/Crouse Degree of Bachelor of Education in association with St. Josephâ s Teachersâ College Sharpe/Bérard Degree of Master of Education Sharpe/Seager Degree of Master of Arts in Education Sharpe/Gouthro Degree of Master of Arts in Child and Youth Study Lyon/Watts Degree of Master of Arts (Family Studies and Gerontology) Lyon/McCarney Degree of Master of Arts (Research) Sharpe/Mumm Degree of Master of Science Applied Human Nutrition Lyon/Woolcott Degree of Master of Arts in School Psychology Sharpe/Bérard Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by S. Mumm that Senate permit the Registrar to add an individualâ s name if the requirements are completed prior to the Convocation ceremony and, further, to adjust any studentâ s distinction status if so warranted. CARRIED Moved by B.Casey, seconded by M. Raven to end the in camera session. CARRIED. 10. Items for Communication Exchange Agreements Graduation list 11. Adjournment Moved by S. Seager, seconded by I. Blum to adjourn at 9:28 p.m. CARRIED.