Storied Objects: the 2010-2011 anthology

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Burke, Jessie
Delory, Alison
Drain, Susan
Drisdelle, Rosemary
Gilroy, Corinne
Jollymore, Courtney
Lumpkin, Ramona
Smith, River
Vaughan, Crystal
Goulet, Claire
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Mount Saint Vincent University
From Preface: "Last spring I entered for the first time a shabby white house at the edge of campus; just inside was a tin-roofed lounge with the ghost of a fireplace and windows that still spilled light—in this case, onto a wooden table left by Alexa McDonough; her post-card-sized note spoke to the political women’s work, the conversations, held there. The room felt derelict but lit with possibility, and I kept returning to sit at that round table, that storied object. What if there were a place for women from this campus to gather in an artful, meaningful way—a place to weave speaking and listening, craft and truth, to write with intent in a more intimate setting than, say, a classroom? Some place for deeper speech and silence. As the Institute for Women, Gender, & Social Justice found its feet over the past year, so too did the Voices Project: a baker’s dozen of women—Mount staff, students, alumni, faculty, and administration—who met monthly to tell their stories in poems and prose, to chat with well-established writers from the community, to think cut cook sew perform revise create and generally engage in what poet Don McKay calls “the work, work, work of art.” What you hold in your hands is the result of one focus our collective explored this year: an object that has some connection to a significant woman or women in their life. Their response not only fills this chapbook but is this handmade woven object itself, while the corresponding pieces are on permanent display in a room and for an Institute that these writers helped bring back to life."
Creative writing , Poetry