MSVU Senate Minutes -- November 26 2007

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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1 Senate Meeting November 26, 2007 Rosaria Boardroom 7:30 p.m. Minutes of Meeting Present: K. Laurin (Chair), R. Bérard, I. Blum, D. Bourne-Tyson, B. Casey, P. Crouse, A. Daley, A. Davis, A. Eaton, R. Farmer, M. Forrest , R. Gechtman, P. Glenister, J. Gordon, P. Gouthro, M. Lyon, B. MacInnes, R. MacKay, J. MacLeod, K. Manning, A. McCalla, S. Mumm, M. Raven, J. Sawler, J. Sharpe, L. Steele, B. Taylor, S. Walsh, P. Watts, M. Whalen, A. Whitewood, D. Woolcott, R. Zuk. Regrets: C. Hill, S. Seager Guest: J. Scrimger 1. Approval of Agenda Moved by L. Steele, seconded by A. Eaton to approve the agenda with the reordering of Item 9.1 to follow Item 6. CARRIED. 2. Approval of Minutes of October 29, 2007 Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by M. Forrest to approve the minutes of the October 29, 2007 meeting with the following changes: CARRIED Page 2, lines 8-9: delete the lines so that the paragraph ends â â ¦ faculty representation be comprised of representatives from all three Faculties. CARRIEDâ Page 2, line 24: change â the areas indicating a strikeout show this inadvertentlyâ to â the areas under Purpose are shown inadvertently as struck outâ Page 2, lines 24-27: move to follow line 18 Page 2, line 36: change â The document needs to be adapted â ¦ â to â He said that the document needs to be adapted â ¦ â Page 3, line 37: â K. Laurin responded by stating that the it was not â ¦ â to â K. Laurin responded by stating that it was not â ¦ â Page 4: delete the final sentence so that the page ends with â â ¦ opportunity for engagement.â Page 7, line 32: delete the final seven words of the text so that the line ends â â ¦ Public Policy Studies program. CARRIEDâ Page 8, line 28: change â There are few vacancies that exist â ¦ â to â There are still a few vacancie s that exist â ¦ â Page 9, line 1: â â ¦ held with Sonny March â ¦â to â â ¦ organized by Dr. Sunny Marche â ¦ â 2 A Senator questioned the practice of referring to speakers in the minutes as a â Senatorâ rather than identifying the speaker by her or his name. D. Woolcott responded by stating that this practice had been discussed at the most recent Senate Executive meeting and that past practice was not to use names of Senators. It was suggested by K. Laurin that P. Glenister would investigate past practices and practices at other institutions and report back to the Senate at a future date. 3. Business Arising from the Minutes 3.1 Revisions to Senate by-law 14.2, Academic Appeals Committee (Notice of motion given Oct. 29, 2007) Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by M. Forrest that Senate approve these proposed by-law revisions which have been reviewed by the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning. CARRIED as amended A Senator raised the question as to whether there would be a benefit to including a student as a member under the rules for a quorum which require a minimum of three faculty members. After some discussion on the topic it was determined that as there were eight members of CAPP in attendance a friendly amendment could be made to the document so that it would read: Quorum Five voting members, of which a minimum of three must be faculty and a minimum of two must be students , must be present to hear an appeal. 3.2 Academic Appeals Policy revisionâ tabled October 29, 2007 Moved by R. BJrard, seconded by L. Steele to take the motion from the table. CARRIED Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by S. Mumm that Senate approve the revised policy on Academic Appeals. CARRIED D. Woolcott advised the Senate of the changes made to the Academic Appeals Policy as a result of discussion at the October meeting of Senate. Firstly, under the Deadlines for Stage 1 appeals (the shaded area of the revised distributed material) , the deadlines are now specified and they will also be included in the Important Dates section of the Calendar. Secondly, a two week time frame has been specified for the faculty member who is conducting the grade analysis. Finally, with reference to the $25 fee currently imposed to initiate an appeal, CAPP felt that the fee should remain in place as it was intended to ensure that only serious requests are being made. On Page 20 of the agenda documentation, under the current Hearing Procedures, a Senator questioned if both parties would be present and have an opportunity to hear each otherâ s evidence, and if this means a change to the current policy that both the student and the faculty member are present during the entire procedure. On Page 19, Section 2 and Section 3, a Senator queried the re-read policy in that the word â resultâ may be used in a contradictory manner between points 2 and 3. Would a department Chair have a role to play if both of the re-reads agreed? Under the current policy the Chair determines the final grade based upon the results forwarded from the two re-reads. On Page 20, under Hearing Procedures, a Senator questioned whether the portion of the sentence â â ¦ and will be permitted to cross examine the evidenceâ should be removed. It was clarified that 3 student and faculty could cross examine the evidence but that a supporter was not permitted to cross examine. 4. Presidentâ s Announcements The President was pleased to announce that Jake Yorke, a fourth year science student at the Mount, has made history by being the first Mount student to be awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. The President reminded Senate that the United Way Campaign is still underway and encouraged participation in ongoing fundraising efforts. The President invited the Senators to attend the upcoming seasonal reception at the Meadows. 5. Question Period A question was raised about Item 8 in the October minutes referring to the report circulated by the Studentsâ Union regarding the use of the Student Food Bank and the number of students using the food bank which was reported to be between 3% and 5% per year. As the Mount Studentsâ Union is a member of the Canadian Federation of Students which lobbies both provincially and federally for student funding and similarly the Faculty Association belongs to Provincial and Federal organizations, ANSUT and CAUT which lobby government for increased funding and decreased tuition, is it also the case that organizations at the presidential level also lobby governments? President Laurin responded by stating that CONSUP is continually trying to make government aware of the high cost of tuition. Government is very aware that our region has the highest tuition in the country and in the past couple of years has taken steps to reduce it. The President also announced that CONSUP is negotiating a new Memorandum of Understanding as a method of guaranteeing funding for a three year period to enable better long term planning and reduced costs. The President also mentioned the Mountâ s recent Scholarâ s Luncheon to recognize 388 students who were awarded approximately $1.1 million worth of scholarships and bursaries, an increase of 17% over last year. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business. 9.1 Selection of Honorary Degree candidates (Confidential Business) Moved by J. Gordon, seconded by J. MacLeod that Senate proceed in camera. CARRIED A vote was held on the nominees presented to Senate. Moved by J. MacLeod, seconded by M. Lyon that Senate end its in camera session while votes are tallied. CARRIED The following motions were made after discussion of item 7.4.1. Moved by L. Steele, seconded by M. Forrest that Senate proceed in camera to receive the ballotting results. CARRIED Moved by P. Watts, seconded by B. McInnes that Senate end its in camera session. CARRIED 4 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive 7.1.1 Notice of Motion: revision to By-law 1.1, Membership 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee There was no report. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning 7.3.1 Minor in Writing Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by S. Mumm that Senate approve the Minor in Writing. CARRIED 7.3.2 Memorandum of Understanding with the Nova Scotia Community College: Agreement for transfer credit in Tourism program Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by M. Lyon that Senate approve the agreement for transfer credit from the Diploma in Tourism Management (NSCC) to the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (MSVU). CARRIED 7.3.3 Memorandum of Understanding with University of Aarhus, Denmark. 7.3.4 Student Exchange Agreement with University of Aarhus, Denmark Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by M. Whalen that Senate approve the Memorandum of Understanding and the Student Exchange Agreement between Mount Saint Vincent University and the University of Aarhus, Denmark. CARRIED 7.3.5 Academic Calendar Dates, 2008-2009 (For Information) D. Woolcott pointed out that the format has been changed to provide clarity by implementing a table of important dates and by including a table of the deadline dates for academic appeals. 7.4 Graduate Studies Program and Policy Policy change re: Failure Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by B. MacInnes that Senate approve the revision to the current policy and calendar description on Failure (page 24 of the 2007-08 Graduate Calendar). CARRIED Policy change re: Maintaining Registration in Graduate Program Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by R. BJrard that Senate approve the revision to the current policy and calendar description on Maintaining Registration in Graduate Programs (page 21 of the 2007- 08 Graduate Calendar). CARRIED Curriculum Studiesâ revision to prerequisites and change in calendar descriptions GCRD 6301, Foundations of Curriculum Studies I GCRD 6302, Foundations of Curriculum Studies II 5 GCRD 6315, Critical pedagogy I GCRD 6316, Critical pedagogy II GCRD 6317, Curriculum in Practice I GCRD 6318, Curriculum in Practice II GCRD 6320, Global Issues and Education I GCRD 6321, Global Issues and Education II GCRD 6322, Education and Development I GCRD 6323, Education and Development II Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by J. Sharpe that Senate approve these ten GRCD prerequisites revision and changes in calendar descriptions. CARRIED Master of Public Relations Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by A. Daley that Senate approve changes to admission requirements for the Master of Public Relations. CARRIED Master of Public Relations GPRL 6010, Public Relations: Social and Organizational Context GPRL 6011, Professional Learning Portfolio GPRL 6012, Public Relations Writing: Form and Style GPRL 6014, Public Relations Management and Planning GPRL 6088, Co-op Internship Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by R. Zuk that Senate approve the addition of these five new courses for the Master of Public Relations. CARRIED A Senator questioned whether the omission of a distance section on the course proposal form was inadvertent. Judith Scrimger, Public Relations Department Chair, responded by clarifying that by 2010 there is hope for a proposal to permit the whole program to be offered as a distance model and that through that process the distance component will be included. A Senator inquired about the intent to accept a cohort of 15-20 students in the event that there were only a few applicants. J. Scrimger indicated that there are already a number of students awaiting the outcome of this Senate meeting and, consequently, she is confident that there would be enough to offer the courses. It was also built in that these sessions would run every two years to ensure student numbers. A Senator also questioned whether there would be financial aid made available for these students through Scholarships and Assistantships. J. Scrimger responded that all students may gain access to any of the financial aids offered by the Mount and that many of those coming into this program expect to have most if not all of their tuition paid by their employers. The majority of the students will not come with an expectation of financial assistance. Tourism and Hospitality Managementâ deletion of courses GTHM 6101, Contemporary Principles and Practices of Tourism GTHM 6305, International Travel and Tourism GTHM 6401, Tourism Planning and Development GTHM 6701, Tourism Policy and Sustainability 6 Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by L. Steele that Senate approve the deletion of these four courses from the Tourism and Hospitality Management graduate program. CARRIED 7.4.2 Joint MA (Women and Gender Studie s)â deletion of GWOM replaced with GWGS (For Information) A Senator pointed out that, of the three faculty names crossed out, one of those names is still a member of the faculty. The Senator also pointed out an incorrect institutional credential and misspelled name of a faculty member listed. M. Lyon will ask the Dean of Arts and Science to confirm who is eligible for inclusion on the list and to bring back the corrected copy to the next Senate meeting. 7.5 Graduate Scholarships, Assistantships and Awards M. Lyon reported that this year there were nine nominations forwarded for the Canada Graduate Scholarship. She also reported that this was the final week for receiving graduate applications to SSHRC and a number being submitted would be forwarded to SSHRC in January. 7.6 Undergraduate Curriculum 7.6.1 Undergraduate curriculum proposals Applied Human Nutritionâ changes to existing program Changes to the BScAHN (Dietetics) NUTR 4000 courses required Reduce electives 3 units to 2.5 units BScAHN placements and internships health screening and immunization requirement Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by M. Lyon that Senate approve these four changes to the Applied Human Nutrition program. CARRIED Applied Human Nutrition, Child & Youth Study & Public Relationsâ changes to existing programs Change to BScAHN Admission requirements Change to BAA (CHYS) Admission requirements Change to BPR Admission requirements Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by M. Lyon that Senate approve these three changes to the admission requirements of the Applied Human Nutrition, Child & Youth Study & Public Relations programs. CARRIED Biologyâ addition of new courses BIOL 4460, Directed research BIOL 4461, Directed research Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by M. Lyon that Senate approve the addition of these directed research courses in Biology. CARRIED 7 Business and Tourismâ addition of new courses BUSI 2214, Organizational Behaviour: Individuals BUSI 2215, Organizational Behaviour : Groups BUSI 4417, Recruitment and Selection BUSI 4419, International Human Resource Management Business and Tourismâ deletion of courses BUSI 2212, Management Functions: Planning BUSI 2213, Management Functions: Organizing Business and Tourismâ change to existing program admission requirements Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by M. Forrest that Senate approve the addition of these four courses, the deletion of these two courses, and the change to the existing program admission requirements for the Business and Tourism program. CARRIED Education Deletion of course: EDUC 3451 Introduction to Educational Psychology Addition of course: EDUC 3452, Introduction to Educational Psychology, Elementary Addition of course: UDUC 3453, Introduction to Educational Psychology, Secondary Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by R. BJrard that Senate approve the deletion of this course and addition of these two courses for the Education program. CARRIED Englishâ changes to existing program Addition of a Minor in Writing Deletion of Professional Writing and Rhetoric Certificate Changes to calendar entry including Minor in Writing Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by R. Zuk that Senate approve the addition of the Minor, the deletion of the certificate, and changes to the calendar entry for the English program. CARRIED Historyâ addition of new courses HIST 3360, Selected Topics in World History (0.5 unit HIST 3361, Selected Topics in World History (0.5 unit) HIST 3362, Selected Topics in World History (1 unit) Historyâ deletion of courses HIST 2212, Britain from 1485 to 1715 HIST 2213, Britain from 1715 to 1914 Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by B. Taylor that Senate approve the addition of these three courses and the deletion of these two courses for the History program. CARRIED Information Technologyâ change to existing program Professional Minor Information Technologyâ addition of new courses INTE/CMPS 1024, Information Technology Fundamentals INTE 2011, Introduction to Project Management INTE 3011, Advanced Project Management 8 Information Technologyâ deletion of courses INTE/CMPS 1115, Introduction to Information Technology INTE 1137, Introduction to records/Information Management INTE 1190, Workplace Issues INTE 4491, Methods and Analyses in Information Technology Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by R. BJrard that Senate approve the Professional Minor, the addition of these three courses and the deletion of these four courses for the Information Technology program. CARRIED Mathematicsâ addition of new course: MATH 3406, Theory of Probability Mathematicsâ deletion of course: MATH 3306, Intermediate Probability Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve the addition of this one course and the deletion of this one course for the Mathematics program. CARRIED Political/Canadian Studiesâ deletion of course: POLS/THMT 3326, Global Politics and the Pursuit of Leisure Political/Canadian Studiesâ addition of course: POLS/PHIL 3314, Democracy and Civil Society Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by J. MacLeod that Senate approve the deletion of this one course and the addition of this one course for the Political/Canadian Studies program. CARRIED Psychologyâ deletion of course: PSYC 3303, Advanced Study in Behaviour Modification Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by A. Eaton that Senate approve the deletion of this one course in Psychology. CARRIED 7.6.2 Curriculum proposals (For Information) Applied Human Nutritionâ changes to existing courses NUTR 2205, Dietary Supplements and Herbal Remedies NUTR 2300, Nutrition for Fitness and Sport NUTR 3330, Food and Nutrition for the Elderly NUTR 4444, Elements of Professional Practice Biologyâ change to existing course: BIOL 4453/4454, Directed Studies Englishâ changes to existing courses ENGL 1120, Writing Theory and Practice ENGL 2220, Writing to Influence ENGL 2221, Creative Writing ENGL 2222, Introduction to Editing ENGL 3330, Myths and Theories About Writing ENGL 3331, Advanced Studies in Professional Writing I ENGL 3332, Advanced Studies in Professional Writing II ENGL 4401/4405/4406, Special Topic ENGL 4410/4411/4412, Directed Study Historyâ changes to existing courses HIST 3385, Twentieth Century Issues I HIST 3386, Twentieth Century Issues II 9 Information Technologyâ changes to existing courses INTE 2237, Introduction to Information Management INTE 3337, Advanced Topics in Information Management INTE 1135, Document Design and Preparation INTE 2235, Computer System Management INTE 2245, Spreadsheet Applications INTE 2275, Database Applications INTE 3370, Network System Management INTE 4475, Client/Server Applications 7.7 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) There was no report. 7.8 Committee on Information Technology and Services P. Crouse reported that in December IT&S will be moving the Seton 345 Lab to the Information Commons and the Seton 315 Lab will be open longer hours. This decision was taken based on the numbers of people waiting to use computers in the Library. S. Hale attended the Committee meeting on behalf of the Registrarâ s Office to inform the members that additional Colleague access would be made available to those faculty involved in Academic Advising. A Senator questioned what Seton 345 will be used for and P. Crouse informed Senate that Physical Plant is considering possible uses. 7.9 Library There was no report. 7.10 Nominations 7.10.1 Nominations for Standing Committees Moved by P. Crouse, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve the list of nominees as distributed, with the addition of two names, to the respective committees for the indicated term. CARRIED Committee Nominee Term Begins Term Ends Information Technology & Services Prof. Eva Knoll January 1, 2008 June 30, 2010 Library Prof. Barbara Casey January 1, 2008 June 30, 2010 Student Affairs Dr. Cornelia Schneider When elected June 30, 2010 Writing Initiatives Dr. Janet Guildford When elected June 30, 2010 7.11 Research and Publications There was no report. 7.12 Student Affairs There was no report. 10 7.13 Committee on Teaching and Learning R. Farmer reported that a call for nominations has been made for the Instruction Leadership Award and the Teaching Innovation Award. 7.14 Writing Initiatives P. Watts reported that a presentation had been held by Dr. Sunny Marche discussing what the Writing In Plain Sight initiative had been at Dalhousie and a summary will be published in the Bright Ideas Bulletin and archived on the Writing Initiatives website which is a subset of the Teaching and Learning Committee website accessed through MSVU/TLC website. 7.15 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships There was no report. 7.16 University Research Ethics Board M. Forrest reported that the Board was ahead of last year even though it is handling an increased number of files to review. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Board of Governors R. Bérard reported that the Board of Governors had met on November 15. M. Whalen updated the Board on enrollment numbers for the Mount showing how the Mountâ s enrollment numbers fit into the patterns for the region and the country. M. Whalen also updated the Board on the Mountâ s position in the Macleanâ s survey and explained some of the reasons for the drop in ranking that the Mount experienced. Many of the indicators that had been favourable to the Mount in previous years were not provided by other institutions and therefore Macleanâ s decided not to publish those indicators which worked to our disadvantage. Both Acadia and St. Francis Xavier tied for number one but both have also experienced a decline in enrollment. The Board also passed some Compliance Certificates as well as some liability coverage. The Board discussed and voted to adopt the Strategic Plan. The Board heard a report on the Capital Campaign as well as a report from the Development Committee on the Bingo for Bursaries event which was the most successful yet and was able to raise between $25,000 and $35,000 for bursaries. Finally, the Board went into a confidential session to discuss the tentative Collective Agreement with faculty. 8.2 Studentsâ Union A. Eaton reported that the Studentsâ Union AGM was scheduled for January 23rd, 2008. Since the last Senate meeting the Studentsâ Union held the annual Haunted House event which was successful in raising funds for the various societies. The Studentsâ Union also held an HIV/AIDS Awareness Volleyball Tournament and hopes to repeat it next year. 11 The Bedford Highway crosswalk petition is continuing and now has approximately 1000 signatures. Suggestions were made by various Senators to canvass the residents of Flamingo Drive, the MSVU Day Care Centre and the parents of children attending the Centre. A Senator commented on a newspaper report suggesting surveillance cameras at certain areas and perhaps the Studentsâ Union might be interested in inquiring about having a camera installed at this site on the Bedford Highway. The Studentsâ Union has hired a Recording Secretary. In the past few months the executives from Dalhousie, St. Maryâ s and the Mount student unions have formed the Halifax Student Alliance to address student issues specific to the local Halifax area. 9. New Business 9.1 Selection of Honorary Degree candidates (Confidential Business) moved to follow Item 6, Unfinished Business 10. Items for Communication MoUs for signatures Change to By-law 14.2, Academic Appeals Committee Academic Appeals Policy Graduate and Undergraduate curriculum changes Senate Committee members elected Approved Honorary degree nominees 11. Adjournment Moved by A. Daley to adjourn the meeting at 9:05PM