Webinar: Co-operative identity and branding: Does the co-op brand attract people?

The Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network presented this webinar to explore how co-operatives brand themselves, and whether there is a benefit to highlighting the co-operative identity in marketing. Siôn Whellens is from Calverts in the UK, the firm (graphic design co-op) behind the new International Co-operative Alliance identity. Siôn was instrumental engaging a worldwide survey of co-operators to inform the new co-op branding. Siôn provided highlights from the survey that unpack ideas of co-op branding. Siôn Whellens has been a worker co-operator for 30 years. He is Client Services Director at UK design and production co-op Calverts and a member of the UK Worker Co-operative Council. Siôn served on the board of Co-operatives UK from 2006 to 2011. Gérard Perron spoke about the ‘Certification of compliance with cooperative practices©' a program developed out of Quebec as a way of certifying co-operatives that abide by the internationally accepted co-op principles. He will explain why the certification was developed, how it works, why it is a helpful branding mechanism and why it was not yet implemented. Gérard Perron has held management positions since 1977. His expertise is recognized in economic development (local and cooperative development) as well as in organizational development (corporate governance and project management). Tom Webb has been a co-op practitioner and educator for many decades and as well has worked in corporate communications in the co-operative sector. Tom responded to the first two presentations, providing a reflection on how co-op branding and identity can serve as a marketing advantage and how this can be done. He provided examples from co-operatives who have done successful marketing of their co-operative identity.