Social media, public relations, and the Government of Canada: An analysis of internal organizational texts

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Basha, Janine
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This thesis examined an internal policy document surrounding social media as a medium of public communication by the Government of Canada. It employed qualitative content analysis to examine an internal policy document titled Considerations for the Government of Canada’s use of Social Media to Communicate with and Engage the Public. In conjunction with the key considerations of structuration theory (Giddens, 1984) and structural elements of the institution itself, this qualitative content analysis endeavoured to examine used the Government of Canada’s (GC) perspective on the integration of social media into communication strategies, as well as the social and communicative norms that are demonstrated through this text. Dominant themes were identified and examined to facilitate the provision of practical advice for the GC with respect to how they can improve their communication practices and utilize online social media as a means of effective public communication.
Government Publicity , Canada , Government Information , Social Media , Government Communication Systems