Economic Impact of the Canadian Co-operative Sector: A Comparison of 2009 and 2010

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Karaphillis, George
Duguid, Fiona
Lake, Alicia
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Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network
The paper examines the economic impact of the Co-operative sector in Canada. Co-operatives play a strong role in the Canadian economy and in the social fabric of our nation. This study seeks to quantify the impact of this sector. This is the first national study of its kind in this country. This research project uses revenue and employment data from Industry Canada and Statistics Canada to analyze the economic impact of all organizations that have registered as co-operatives in Canada. We used the Input-Output Analysis method to estimate the direct and spinoff benefits of this sector on the economy. The economic impact results for 2010 will be presented, with a comparison to the finalized results for 2009. The powerpoint presentation from CASC is attached. The paper has been submitted to a journal and is forthcoming. URI's above link to an Ontario-specific study and a Manitoba-specific study by the same authors, as well as an infographics.