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    Exploring the arts and literacy in curriculum: A cross-cultural comparison of Australia, Canada and France
    (Art Education Australia, 2018) Barton, Georgina; Lemieux, Amélie; Chabanne, Jean-Charles
    This paper explores the relationship between the arts and literacy in schools in three countries: Australia, Canada and France. It begins by sharing research that has investigated how literacy education has impacted on arts education but also relating to the unique literacies present throughout the arts. The authors then present information related to the arts and literacy in each of their prospective curriculums. This is then followed by a personal reflection on their own experiences related to the arts and literacy in schools. The paper summarises these observations by theorising ways in which the partnership between the arts and literacy be improved particularly in terms of perceptions of the arts and literacy education. We argue that provision of quality arts education is crucial if we are to address the policy rhetoric as well as approach learning holistically for children and young people.
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    The Stuff that Heroes Are Made Of: Elastic, Sticky, Messy Literacies in Children’s Transmedial Cultures
    (Language Arts, 2018-09) Rowsell, Jennifer; Lemieux, Amélie; Swartz, Larry; Turcotte, Melissa; Burkitt, Jennifer
    In this article, we feature the “Speech Bubbles, Graphic Stories, Flipbooks, Storyboards” research study that we completed in the autumn of 2017. We begin by describing the study’s methodology and research context. Next, we discuss our findings in relation to transmedial theories, elastic literacies, and curatorial design practices. Finally, we conclude with implications for teachers interested in engaging their students in transmedial work.