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    Co-operatives and the Social Economy: An Approach to Mapping in Atlantic Canada
    (5/30/2006) Thériault, Luc; Hall, Michael; Brown, Leslie
    This paper reports an overview of mapping research in progress in the Atlantic Regional Node on the social economy. The authors review the approach being taken to the task of mapping parts of the social economy. We contextualize this work within a discussion of the significance of mapping for the region, and a brief review of both the types of information available and the gaps that exist. As a first step the research focuses on developing and implementing a study of co-operatives across the four provinces. Our paper summarizes and explains the steps taken thus far, highlighting the contributions anticipated and the rationale for beginning with co-operatives.
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    A Portrait of Co-operatives and Credit Unions in Atlantic Canada: Preliminary Analysis
    (2008-09) Thériault, Luc; Skibbens, Ron; Brown, Leslie
    This report is an important step in ensuring that results of the survey will be available to a variety of stakeholders. This project has made it possible for us to sketch a clearer portrait of a vital part of the regional social economy that needs to be better understood. / Le sondage visait divers objectifs, à savoir : établir un profil plus précis du secteur, documenter les contributions des coopératives et des caisses d’épargne et de crédit à l’économie régionale, orienter la politique publique sur le développement économique et communautaire de la région et fournir un point de référence pour la comparaison future du secteur coopératif avec le secteur des organismes sans but lucratif et bénévoles à l’échelle régionale et peut-être même nationale. Nous pouvons dire que, grâce au présent rapport, ces objectifs sont désormais atteints.
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    Mobilization around Food Security within the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships: A National Scan
    (2008-09-30) Brown, Leslie; Williams, Patty; Carlsson, Liesel; Reimer, Debra; Millar, Noreen; Kay, Aleiz; McKitrick, Annie
    Community food security (CFS) is both a social movement and a goal; a collection of individuals and organizations working towards CFS, which has been described as a situation that "exists when all community residents obtain a safe, personally acceptable, nutritious diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes healthy choices, community self-reliance and equal access for everyone." The CFS movement strives for health, sustainability, democracy and justice in our food system.