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    Gender, free will, and woman-to-woman sexual assault in service provider discourses
    (Sage, 2018) Malinen, KelleyAnne
    Although still less recognized than man-to-woman sexual assault, awareness of woman-to-woman sexual assault has grown sufficiently over the past three decades that we should no longer speak of its discursive emergence as the breaking of hitherto uninterrupted silence. This article begins the project of exploring and comparing discourses used to frame this phenomenon. Based on a situational analysis of interviews with service providers who had experience supporting survivors of woman-to-woman sexual assault, this text presents three discourses used to think about this form of violence: all violence is men’s violence, violence is a choice, and nonviolence is learned. Each discourse is characterized by a specific relationship between sexual violence, free will/determinism, and gender and by attendant rules for what can and cannot be said. As such, each communicates ideological commitments, which reflect and sustain specific approaches to antisexual violence work. Each seeks to negotiate a sociopolitical context of gender-based oppression and sexuality-based oppression that includes the risks and realities of silencing and recuperation of survivor speech. The objective of this article is to enable service provider reflection about the implications of diverse discourses used to frame woman-to-woman sexual assault and to discourage naturalization of any given approach.
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    “This was a sexual assault”: A social worlds analysis of paradigm change in the Interpersonal Violence World
    (Wiley, 2014) Malinen, KelleyAnne
    This article presents a portion of my research on woman-to-woman sexual assault. Research was based on interviews with survivors and service providers who have worked with them. Transcripts underwent a grounded theory method analysis. The article considers how sexual assault service provision is changing as rigidly gendered discourses on sexual violence are challenged. It draws on Becker’s social worlds approach, introducing the “Interpersonal Violence World,” the “Violence Against Women Subworld,” and the “Anti-Violence Project Subworld.” These subworlds are notably distinguishable by their discourses on how violence and gender interact. Woman-to-woman survivors’ interactions with the Violence Against Women Subworld often prove problematic, an issue the Anti-Violence Project Subworld addresses
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    Thinking woman-to-woman rape: A critique of Marcus's 'Theory and politics of rape prevention'
    (2012) Malinen, KelleyAnne
    This article uses the empirical fact of woman-to-woman rape as a lens to critique Sharon Marcus’s ‘‘Fighting Bodies, Fighting Words: A Theory and Politics of Rape Prevention.’’ To the extent that any theory forecloses this fact, we can assume it is erroneous. While Marcus’s work is promising in its intention to deconstruct binary views of gender, it largely reiterates the very dualism it seeks to destabilize. I explore two different deconstructive arguments that can be drawn from the piece, each of which has been adopted by some thinkers. The first forecloses woman-to-woman rape while the second makes theoretical room for it. The second argument has the potential to deconstruct the first. Following the logic of Judith Butler’s thoughts on gender transgression, I suggest a synthesis of these two arguments. Finally, I explore ways the self-defense strategies Marcus p