International Conversations of Teacher Educators

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Table of Contents

Part I

Introduction and Overview - Mary Jane Harkins and Zhanna Barchuk

Transdisciplinary Pedagogy and Learning -- Sue L. T. McGregor (pp.1-16)

The Context of Teaching, Meaningful Work, and Engagement in Direct Knowledge of the World -- Karen Hamilton and Rupert C. Collister (pp.17-31)

Spatial Skills in Science: How Mobile Technology can Enhance Teacher Pedagogical Content Knowledge -- Paul Davies and Sara Price (pp. 33-53)

Teaching in a Digital Age -- Lynette Noel (pp. 54-61)

Part II

Teachers Reaching Lives and Not Just Merely Passing on Information -- Ann V. Dean (63-67)

Respectful Overcoming: An Interview with Dr. Fatuma Chege -- Fatuma Chege, Zhanna Barchuk, and Mary Jane Harkins (pp.68-79)

Imagination: Hope for a Severed Curriculum -- Mindy Carter (pp. 80-94)

Meditative Education: A Proposal for the Existential Renewal of Teacher Education in the 21st Century -- Ashwani Kumar (pp. 95-105)

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