Monitoring Educational Rights for Girls with Disabilities Final Report

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Xuan Thuy Nguyen
Claudia Mitchell
Naydene de Lange
Marcia Rioux
Thi Thu Trang Nghiem
Thi Hong Thuan Do
Tammy Bernasky
Thi Lan Anh Nguyen
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Mount Saint Vincent University
This report is built on the findings of the Monitoring Educational Rights for Girls with Disabilities in Vietnam (MRGD) project, supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) (2013-2015). This project aimed to address the lack of specific knowledge about girls with disabilities in Vietnam, and to set the stage for developing social activist strategies for their inclusion. To understand the experiences of girls with disabilities in and outside of Vietnamese schools, we piloted the study in North and South of Tu Liem districts in Vietnam. By supporting girls and women with disabilities to understand their educational rights, this study offered a participatory approach to monitoring rights to education through its engagement with the local knowledge on human rights and inclusive education for girls with disabilities in and out of schools. This study was conducted by a multinational research team at Mount Saint Vincent University, York University, and McGill University in Canada, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa, in partnership with UNICEF, and the grassroots Action to Community Development Centre in Vietnam. Recommendations from girls and women with disabilities for inclusive education and social justice are included.
educational rights, girlhood studies, disability studies, human rights, international development, social activism, inclusive education, policy dialogue