MSVU Senate Minutes -- January 28 2008

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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1 Senate Meeting January 28, 2008 Rosaria Boardroom 7:30 p.m. Minutes of Meeting Present: D. Woolcott (Chair), R. Bérard, I. Blum, D. Bourne-Tyson, B. Casey, P. Crouse, A. Eaton, M. Forrest , P. Glenister, P. Gouthro, C. Hill, M. Lyon, B. MacInnes, A. McCalla, S. Mumm, M. Raven, J. Sawler, S. Seager, J. Sharpe, L. Steele, S. Walsh, P. Watts, A. Whitewood, R. Zuk. Regrets: A. Daley, A. Davis, R. Farmer, R. Gechtman, J. Gordon, K. Laurin, R. MacKay, J. MacLeod, K. Manning, B. Taylor, M. Whalen 1. Approval of Agenda Moved by D. Bourne-Tyson, seconded by C. Hill to approve the agenda with the addition of 3.2, Revision to Byâ law 1.1 (Notice of motion Nov. 26, 2007) and 7.15.1, Entrance Requirements for Students from the United States CARRIED 2. Approval of Minutes of November 26, 2007 Moved by C. Hill, seconded by R. Zuk to approve the minutes of November 26, 2007 with the following corrections. CARRIED Page 10: 7.14 Writing Initiatives P. Watts reported that a presentation had been held by Dr. Sunny Marche discussing what the Writing Write Here In Plain Sight initiative (WHIPS) had been at Dalhousie. and a A summary will be published in the Bright Ideas Bulletin and archived on the Writing Initiatives website which is a subset of within the Teaching and Learning Committee Centre website. accessed through MSVU/TLC website. 3. Business arising from the minutes 3.1 Joint M.A. (Women and Gender Studies) list of M.S.V.U. faculty M. Lyon will review the copy distributed for possible remaining errors. 3.2. Revision to Byâ law 1.1 Moved by I. Blum, seconded by R. Bérard that Senate approve the changes to By-law 1.1 as circulated in the Notice of Motion at the last Senate meeting. CARRIED D. Woolcott reminded the Senate that the change in the By-law was to add â Enrollments Management andâ to the former position title Associate Vice Presidentâ International. 2 4. Presidentâ s Announcements On behalf of the President, D. Woolcott gave apologies for K.Laurinâ s absence and welcomed Senate to its first meeting after the mid-year . The presidents of the Nova Scotia universities are in negotiations with the Government of Nova Scotia around a new MOU. As these negotiations are in progress there is no report at present but there may be information to report at the next Senate meeting. A. Whitewood added that the Steering Committee would be meeting with the Government officials on January 31st and that it may be March before there is information to report. 5. Question Period There were no questions tabled. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business to attend. 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive 7.1.1 Identification of members of Senate in the minutes R. Bérard presented a verbal report which reviewed the current policy of naming Senators in the minutes dated back to a Senate Executive meeting in 2000 which decided that Senators be named in the minutes only when speaking on behalf of a committee, when making or seconding a motion, or when the Senator requested to be named. At the most recent meeting of Senate Executive on January 15, it was agreed that, when a Senatorâ s remarks warrant inclusion in the minutes, the Senator should be identified. The reasons for this were to ensure that Senators are treated equally, that the minutes would be useful for those who might wish review them at a time in the future, that Senators know how their remarks have been recorded, and in recognition of accountability of the Senate to the University Community. 7.1.2 Service award D. Woolcott reported that the Senate Executive is considering a proposal to develop and new Service Award and are reviewing a proposal presented by two members of Senate as well as draft proposal prepared by A. Whitewood. Senate will be updated as the process moves forward. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee There was no report. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning 7.3.1 Revised Guidelines for Setting Academic Calendar Dates Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded by M. Lyon that Senate approve the revised Guidelines for Setting Academic Calendar Dates, replacing the word â businessâ with â workingâ and â sessionâ with â termâ . CARRIED S. Seager asked several questions relating to departmental submission of time tables, the scheduling of Caritas Day and the policy on WF as well as conditions under which students audit courses. 3 M. Lyon responded that such questions related to grading policy and not directly to the Guideline changes that were being proposed. After some discussion J. Sharpe reiterated that the point of the motion was to be promote scheduling that is consistent with the Grading; should it be determined necessary to change the grading policy, that topic should be addressed as a separate motion. 7.4 Graduate Studies Program and Policy There was no report. 7.5 Graduate Scholarships, Assistantships and Awards Two nominations for Doctoral Fellowships and Canada Graduate Scholarships (Doctoral) have been submitted to SSHRC; five nominations for Canada Graduate Scholarships (Masterâ s) have been made and will be forwarded in the next week. 7.6 Undergraduate Curriculum 7.6.1 Deletion of courses (for approval) MATH 2246 â History of Mathematics II (0.5 unit) GERM 2201 â Intermediate Practical German I (0.5 unit) GERM 2201 â Intermediate Practical German II (0.5 unit) LING 3386 â Teaching English as a Second Language II (0.5 unit) SPAN 2911 â Focus on Spain: Spanish Culture and Civilization (0.5 unit) SPAN 2911 â Focus on Spain: Spanish Culture and Civilization (0.5 unit) SPAN 2922 â Focus on Latin America: Latin American Culture and Civilization (0.5 unit) PHIL 3382 â Selected Topics in Philosophy/Religions Studies (1.0 unit) PHIL 4416 â Major Thinkers (1.0 unit) RELS 3382 â Selected Topics in Philosophy/Religions Studies (1.0 unit) RELS 4416 â Major Thinkers (1.0 unit) SOAN 4413 â Directed Study (0.5 unit) WOMS 3333 â International Women Film Directors (0.5 unit) Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by A. McCalla that Senate accept the above noted deletions by the departments of Mathematics, Modern Languages Philosophy/Religious Studies, Sociology/Anthropology and Womenâ s Studies. CARRIED R. Zuk questioned whether the courses that have been deleted were replaced or if the program had actually become smaller. S. Mumm indicated that the UCC reviews courses on a regular basis and in some years there are more additions than deletions. A. McCalla clarified that in this case one Philosophy course was a full year special topics course for which a two semester special topics course exists. 7.6.2 Changes to existing course PSYC 3380 â Health Psychology (for information) 7.7 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) There was no report. 7.8 Committee on Information Technology and Services There was no report. 4 7.9 Library 7.9.1 Liaison Librarian Service After a one year pilot the Liaison Library Service has been made a permanent service. 7.10 Nominations 7.10.1 Election of faculty member of Senate to Destination 2012 Implementation Committee As a follow-up to the email sent to Senators to nominate Faculty Senators for the Destination 2012 Implementation Committee, the committee received two nominations which were declined as both nominees were scheduled for sabbatical and would not be able to complete the two year term. Senate was provided with the names of those who were available to be nominated from the floor. A discussion was held to consider the value of allowing nominations for those who might only be available to fulfill a one year term. P. Crouse called for nominations from the floor but there were no acceptances. D. Woolcott suggested that those who might be interested but not in attendance be approached by the Chair of the Nominations Committee to determine their interest. On this basis J. MacLeod and R. Farmer were nominated. Senate agreed that, should either or both nominees agree to stand for election, such an election will take place by paper ballot submitted to the Secretary of Senate and counted by the Nominations Committee. It was further agreed that, in the event the Committee does not receive agreement from either potential nominee, nominations will reopen. 7.10.2 Nominations for Standing Committees Moved by P. Crouse, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve the nomination of Dr. Michelle Forrest to the Graduate Scholarships, Assistantships & Awards Committee and the nomination of Dr. Helen Mallette to the University Research Ethics Board. CARRIED 7.11 Research and Publications There was no report. 7.12 Student Affairs 7.12.1 Proposed revisions to the Student Judicial Code Moved by C. Hill, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve revisions to the Student Judicial Code to correct occurrences of the names of the Studentsâ Union and the Senate Student Affairs Committee. CARRIED 7.13 Committee on Teaching and Learning 7.13.1 Notice of Motion â Revision to Senate By-law 14.10, Committee on Teaching and Learning Terms of Reference 7.14 Writing Initiatives P. Watts reported that the topic of the next event to be held is Writing Circles. It will take place February 11 at 3:30. Its intent is to inform Faculty about Writing Circles and how they can be useful in assisting with research writing projects. 5 7.15 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships 7.15.1 Entrance Requirements for Students from the United States Moved by B. MacInnes, seconded by S. Seager that Senate approve the changes to the entrance requirements for students from the United States proposed by the Associate Vice-President (Enrolment Management and International). CARRIED 7.16 University Research Ethics Board M. Forrest reported the UREB has held the first meeting of this year and that a new Community Committee member has been elected. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Studentsâ Union The Studentsâ Union has held a successful Annual General Meeting. Another successful Winter Carnival has concluded. Preparations are currently underway for the spring elections. The most noteworthy item to report again relates to the Bedford Highway crosswalk issue. A student was recently hit and there is an ongoing effort to convince the HRM authorities to place half-lights at this location. A crosswalk awareness event will be held on January 30th in the Seton Academic Centre and in the RBC link. The Studentsâ Union has been given conflicting information as to the reasons that the request has been turned down. S. Walsh suggested that rather than approach the Mayor and Council it might be reasonable to consider contacting the HRM Traffic unit. A. Eaton will continue collecting information for circulation at a future meeting. A. Whitewood commented that the area of contention is with traffic interruption and that the University has been working on a possible above ground pedway solution; the Universityâ s Physical Plant department is currently reviewing several options. 8.2 Destination 2012 Implementation Committee There was no report as the Committee is in the process of being populated. 9. New Business 9.1 Proposed revisions to the Nancy Rowell Jackman Chair in Womenâ s Studies Guidelines Moved by S. Mumm, seconded by R. Zuk that Senate approve the proposed revisions to the Nancy Rowell Jackman Chair in Womenâ s Studies. CARRIED. 10. Items for Communication 11. Adjournment