Community Story telling and Locally Informed Immigration Services.Working paper 2009-08.

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Howard, Laura Lee
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"Many immigrants go through similar processes in integrating. According to this research, these stories, if shared and honoured, can inform both the host community and empower the newcomers. The first Chinese person to arrive on Prince Edward Island came in 1851. Over one hundred and fifty years later, this community remained hidden in the shadows. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, through the process of storytelling, this community transitioned from liminality to their rightful place in the local community story. Listening to the voices and stories of the first-generation of island born Chinese provides an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of those who are not of the majority anglo-saxon ancestry group. The research also provides information that may assist governments to formulate policy that works well both for those who choose to come to a new place, and for those who are well established locals."
Stories , Shared stories , Shared , Chinese , Community , Integrating , Immigration -- Canada