Teaching public relations in a virtual classroom: An experience with a shifting paradigm

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Parsons, Patricia
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Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
"After over a decade of university teaching, I firmly believed that students needed certain things from me as their professor in order to have a full educational experience in my classes. What was it I thought I had to offer? First, I felt that I had knowledge. After all, why else would I have been there? This was the basis of my credibility as a teacher at a university. Second, I believed that I had experience – experience that put the knowledge into dynamic practice – and I could share this with them to add dimension and color, so that they would see how the knowledge base fits into their career plans. Third, I believed that my own method for conveying this knowledge and experience in the classroom – the various pedagogical techniques that I chose – would be an essential part of their learning. Finally, I believed that the classroom experience itself, including the opportunity for interactivity with both other students and with me, would be important, no essential, to their professional socialization as they became public relations practitioners. I believed then, and still do, that this socialization process is an important part of a profession." --Excerpt from introduction
public relations, education , virtual classroom
“Teaching Public Relations in a Virtual Classroom: An Experience with a Shifting Paradigm,” Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication, Toronto, ON.