Bridging the Gap: The Potential of Justice Tourism in Contributing to Sustainable Development in Montero, Peru

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Hanson, Chantal Marie
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Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network
Tourism is a growing social phenomenon and is considered to be among the largest industries in the world. Since WWII, tourism has become exponentially more accessible to an increasing number of people. The development of mass tourism in the developing world in the form of resorts, cruises, and package tours has been promoted as a means to promote economic opportunity, cultural preservation and environmental protection. Mass tourism in the developing world however, has also led to many environmental, social, cultural and economic consequences. The emergence of the concept of sustainable development in 1987 brought the notion of sustainability to the tourism industry but has since failed to promote many of its underlying values in sustainable tourism developments. This paper presents a unique alternative, justice tourism, to the discussion of sustainable tourism, supported by a case study of a coffee, sugar and cocoa cooperative (NORANDINO) in the Northern Andes of Peru.