MSVU Senate Minutes -- March 7 2005

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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Senate Meeting March 7, 2005 Rosaria Boardroom 7:30p.m. Minutes of Meeting Present: S. Brown (Chair), K. Blotnicky, I. Blum, C. Brushett, K. Darvesh, A. Davis, K. Dewar, L. Evans, R. Farmer, R. Fisher, C. French, F. French, P. Glenister, J. Gordon, E. Hicks, C. Hill, N. Kayhani, M. Lyon, S. Medjuck, D. Plumb, M. Schenk, J. Sharpe, L. Steele, L. Theriault, P. Watts, J. West, A Whitewood, D. Woolcott Regrets: S. Drain, P. Fielding, M. Fitzgerald, B. King, A. MacGillivary, J. Mills, M. Whalen The President welcomed M. Schenk, Interim University Librarian to her first Senate Meeting. 1. Approval of Agenda Moved by J. Gordon, seconded by C. Brushett to adopt the agenda as circulated. CARRIED. 2. Approval of Minutes of January 31, 2005 The Minutes were corrected as follows: Under 7.7 Committee on Information Technology and Services the reference to â Group Wiseâ in the first sentence was changed to â calendarâ and in the second last sentence the words â Group Wiseâ were inserted before â web mail packageâ . Moved by J. West, seconded by M. Lyon to approve the Minutes of January 31, 2005 as corrected. CARRIED. 3. Business Arising from the Minutes 3.1 By-law revisions (Motions tabled at January 31, 2005 Senate Meeting) 3.1.1 By-law 14.12 University Research and Ethics Board Terms of Reference, and 3.1.2 Change to the MSVU Policies and Procedures: Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans, §3.1 A. Davis requested, and it was agreed, that these two motions would remain tabled. 3.2 Update: Lost time due to winter storm closures of the University No comments were made by Senators on this matter thus it was concluded that the recommendations on making up lost time due to winter storm closures were satisfactory. 4. Presidentâ s Announcements S. Brown noted that since the last meeting of Senate the federal budget had been announced, and, as expected, there were no major new developments specifically identified for universities. One thing that is somewhat reassuring is that as direct costs of research increase there seems to be a recognition in Ottawa that the indirect costs have to go up as well. The budget provides for an additional $15 million for the indirect costs which represents something like a 6% increase for the coming fiscal year. What is a little bit disturbing is that while that sounds like a reasonably generous amount of money the rate of reimbursement to the universities on the scale that has been established is actually less. The AUCCâ s long-range goal is a 40% reimbursement of the direct costs. Over the years it has been around 26% and that percentage has slipped now to slightly less than 25%. Increases were announced to all three granting councils. There was not any significant new investment in the Canada Foundation for Innovation. There was also money allocated for international initiatives including CIDA. An investment that is disappointingly missing is one for an infrastructure program for universities. $5 billion being confirmed for the National Child Care Strategy is of interest to the University and the recent visit of two Federal Ministers (Ken Dryden, Social Development and Ralph Goodale, Finance) on campus was very productive and resulted in quite good media coverage. They visited the Child Studies Centre and met with a number of stakeholders in the child care field. 5. Question period While not a question, D. Woolcott took the opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank A. Davis and the Research and International Office staff for putting on a truly splendid Research & Scholarship Open House on March 4th. She also expressed thanks to faculty and students who participated in the event. 6. Unfinished business Nothing was raised. 7. Committee Reports (Standing and ad hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive There was no report. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee It was noted that two appeals have now been concluded; two are to be heard next week; and four additional appeals have been received by the Committee. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning 7.3.1 Report on the Review of the Department of Child and Youth Study D. Woolcott noted that this item was for information only. She commented briefly on the report to indicate that the Reviewers found many strengths within the Department of Child and Youth Study as well as providing some solid recommendations about ways the program could be further strengthened. She concluded her comments by congratulating the Department on the results of the review and suggested they should feel encouraged about following up on some of the recommendations. 7.3.2 Proposal for a Teaching and Learning Centre D. Woolcott recalled that the 2002 Academic Plan had recommended the establishment of a Teaching and Learning Centre. She referred to the details that had been provided by SCOTL and approved by Academic Policy and Planning and noted the opportunity to take advantage of an 2 existing position to consolidate and expand important services for the ongoing enhancement of teaching and learning. Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by P. Watts that Senate approve the establishment of a Teaching and Learning Centre. CARRIED. 7.4 Graduate Studies The Graduate Studies Committee has met twice but had nothing to bring forward at this time. 7.5 Undergraduate Curriculum Proposals (for approval) Moved by S. Medjuck, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve the addition of MATH 3306 Intermediate Probability (0.5 unit) as a new course. CARRIED. Moved by S. Medjuck, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve the proposed changes to the following existing courses: MATH 2225 Discrete Mathematics (new course number); MATH 2221 Linear Algebra I (new prerequisites); and MATH 2222 Linear Algebra II (new prerequisites). CARRIED. Moved by S. Medjuck, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve the deletion of the course MATH 1131 Discrete Mathematics (.5 unit). CARRIED. 7.6 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure of Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) 7.6.1 Policy on Emeritus Status Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by J. Gordon that Senate approve the changes to the Procedures and Privileges for Granting of Emeritus Status to remove reference to faculty council meetings. A Senator observed that another approach could be to reinstate Faculty Council. The motion CARRIED. 7.6.2 Procedures and Criteria for the Awarding of Rank, Tenure of Permanence, and Promotion to Academic Administrators outside the MSVUFA Bargaining Unit D. Woolcott explained that the title of Director was retained under 1.1 of the Procedures and Criteria document to avoid the need for regular revisions and that the addition of â academicâ was added to provide greater clarity regarding eligibility. Moved by D. Woolcott, seconded by J. Gordon that Senate approve changes to the Procedures and Criteria for the Awarding of Rank, Tenure or Permanence, and Promotion to Academic Administrators outside the MSVUFA Bargaining Unit. CARRIED. 7.6.3 Recommendations for the Granting of Emeritus Status Moved by C. Brushett, seconded by K. Darvesh to move into confidential session to conduct the balloting for the Granting of Emeritus Status. CARRIED. Moved by C. Brushett, seconded by F. French to move out of confidential session after the balloting for the Granting of Emeritus Status. CARRIED 7.7 Committee on Information Technology and Services The Committee met recently and has approved new terms of reference for the Committee which will come forward to Senate. He noted that the Committee is at the self-study stage of the academic support unit review process; and that the Group Wise web mail package is currently being tested. 7.8 Library F. French noted that the Senate Library Committee enjoyed their first meeting with M. Schenk, Interim University Librarian. He commented that they are looking forward to receiving feedback from the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning on the Library Review. 7.9 Nominations A memorandum from the Senate Nominations Committee regarding two recommendations for Search and Review Committees was distributed at the meeting. 3 Moved by I. Blum, seconded by L. Steele that Senate approve the election of F. French to the Search Committee â University Librarian, and the election of K. Dewar to the Review Committee â Dean of Professional Studies. CARRIED. 7.10 Research and Publications 7.10.1 Revisions to Senate Committee on Research and Publications Policies and Procedures A.Davis noted that the intent of the proposed revisions to the Senate Committee on Research and Publications Policies and Procedures is to provide a coherent document that contains all the terms and conditions governing internal applications for, and adjudication of, research funds. He noted that SSHRCC has raised the floor of the minimum value for which applicants may apply, from $5000 to $7000 per year. The document now specifies that standard research grant applicants may request as much as $6,999 over a two year period. He observed that the Committee has made every effort to eliminate ambiguities in language usage and explanations of application and budgetary terms and conditions. Clear explanations have also been provided for present and future application adjudication reference points and procedures. Moved by A. Davis, seconded by F. French that Senate approve adoption of the document Committee on Research and Publication: Policies and Procedures. CARRIED. 7.10.2 Notice of Motion: Changes to By-law 14.8 A motion regarding changes to By-law 14.8 will come forward to the next meeting of Senate. 7.11 Student Affairs The Committee has not met since the last meeting of Senate. 7.12 Committee on Teaching and Learning The Committee will meet on March 23rd to make a decision on the Instructional Leadership Award. 7.13 Writing Initiatives The Committee has been meeting fairly regularly and is looking at having more events that focus on writing. The initial brown bag event on writing was very successful and notice of the next event will be sent out on March 8, 2005. 7.14 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships L. Theriault noted the Committee will meet next week to focus on the interim scholarship program and to finish their discussions on revisions to the admissions requirements which will come forward to Senate. Regarding the in course bursary program, she noted the vast majority of disbursements are given out in early January but they have had some adjustments and some emergency bursaries so they have just now concluded the program. They had about 400 applications which was slightly down from last year but the number of high end need applications was significantly increased and 350 bursaries were distributed for a total value of approximately $255,000. Bursaries ranged from a low of $50.00 to a high of $2,700. 7.15 University Research Ethics Board The Board has met and the process of reviewing ethics applications is ongoing. They have yet to resolve the Associate Vice-Presidentâ s position in relation to the UREB. One difficulty is that the committee itself is not complete as there are still faculty vacancies to fill. There is some quite justifiable concern about chairing this Committee which is rooted in the amount of work that might be associated with being Chair. They are trying through the Research International Office to streamline matters to create a seamless process so that there can be complete confidence in the ability of that office to manage much of the day to day work to such an extent that the Chair would largely be responsible just for oversight. Once the processes are in place, it is expected that they will be able to find a faculty person willing to take on the Chairâ s role. That should then satisfy the concerns of the Tri-Council. 4 5 8. Other Reports 8.1 Board of Governors N. Kayhani noted that the highlight of the most recent Board of Governors meeting was a discussion regarding the Presidential Search process. They discussed the criteria that, in their view, represented the most important characteristics to be sought in a new President. She also noted that D. Woolcott gave an Enrolment presentation to the Board at the meeting. 8.2 Studentsâ Union C. Brushett noted they are clearing up various matters in preparation for the turnover of the Students Union Executive on May 1st. The nomination period for spring elections has closed, campaigning is now underway, and voting will be on March 16 and 17. A campaign called â Take Back Educationâ is starting tomorrow in conjunction with other universities and colleges in Nova Scotia and they will be focusing on producing a documentary with NSCAD. 9. New Business A.Davis encouraged Senators to participate in a symposium on Marriage sponsored by the Research and International Office this coming Thursday, March 10th entitled â On Marriageâ which is being held in Seton Auditorium â Aâ from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. 10. Items for communications S. Brown noted that the changes in the Mathematics courses will be reflected in the calendar. She also noted she will inform all the nominees for Professor Emeritus status of Senateâ s recommendation and reminded Senators of the need to keep the names confidential. 11. Adjournment Moved by C. Brushett, seconded by K. Dewar that Senate adjourn at 8:40 p.m. CARRIED.