Interviews with participants and presenters from the 2012 Co-operating to Build a Better Nova Scotia Conference in Halifax

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Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network, Conseil Coopératif Acadien Nouvelle Écosse, Nova Scotia Government & others
Interviews with partcipants and presenters from the 2012 Co-operating to Build a Better Nova Scotia Conference in Halifax. The YouTube URIs lead to an audio recording of the respective interviews. The interviews are: 1. Conference launch interview with co-chairs Mark Sparrow & Leslie Brown 2. Interview with conference keynote speaker Alain Roy 3. Interview - Plan B Merchants Co-operative #1 4. Interview - Plan B Merchants Co-operative #2 5.Interview with Miles Howe of Halifax Media Co-op 6. Interview with Justin Ellerby 7. Interview with Patterson Law on co-op law & the co-op legal network 8. Interview with Norman Greenberg of the Community Carrot Co-operative 9. Interview with Canon Elliott - The history of the co-op movement in Nova Scotia 10. Interview with Siri Jackson Wood & Romeo Cormier - International Co-op Development 11. Interview with Luc Therialt 12. Panel Interview - Co-operative Content in the Nova Scotia Education System 13. Interview - Kevin Petty, Ben Sichel, & Mark Sparrow - Co-op Social Impacts Poster Project 14. Participant Interview - Kate Graves 15. Participant Interview - Trina Samson 16. Interview with Joe Candelora & Chris McDaniel - Youth Involvement in Co-operatives 17. Interview with Mara Berzins - Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada 18. Interview with Dan Anderson & Amanda Hachey - Youth Involvement in Co-operatives 19. Interview with John Hartling of AHANS on Social Enterprise 20. Interview with Peter Hough of CWCF & CoopZone 21. Conference Closing Remarks Interview - Mark Sparrow & Leslie Brown