MSVU Senate Minutes -- March 26 2001

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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Senate Meeting Rosaria Boardroom March 26, 2001 A meeting of the Senate was held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 26, 2001, in the Rosaria Board Room. Present: S. Brown (Chair), R. Bérard, I. Blum, S. Boyd, S. Drain, M. Evans, D. Furrow, P. Glenister, F. Harrington, C. Hill, N. Hill, B. Hodkin, K. Kienapple, B. King, M. MacMillan, C. Mathieson, L. Neilsen, D. Nevo, C. Nickerson, M. Raven, T. Roberts, E. Rosenthal, R. Sampson, L. Theriault, R. Warne, P. Watts, J. Woodsworth. Regrets: C. Ferns, B. Frank, N. Parsons, S. Perrott. Guests: D. Forbes. 1. Approval of Agenda Moved by C. Hill, seconded by F. Harrington that the agenda be approved as circulated. CARRIED 2. Approval of Minutes of February 26, 2001 Moved by R. Warne, seconded by B. King that the minutes of February 26, 2001 be approved as circulated. CARRIED 3. Business Arising from the Minutes There was no business arising. 4. President's Announcements S. Brown received notification that the MPHEC has approved the Masters Program, Teaching English as a Second Language. She is still awaiting notice of approval for the Cultural Studies, History/Information Technology and Philosophy/Religious Studies programs. The MPHEC has requested that MSVU have quality assurance policies for academic offerings. S. Brown reported that the Nova Scotia Advisory Board on College and Universities is underway. The Board now has a full membership and is beginning to meet. 5. Question Period Senate discussed the Student Awards Night. Several Senators expressed concern that the Students' Union has inherited responsibility for the event. They felt that organizing the event was an onerous task and that responsibility for the event should be distributed. A Senator believed that in the past a committee consisting of students, Student Affairs, Athletics and Recreation and faculty were responsible for the event. Some members of Senate expressed concern that the ceremony was too long. As well a Senator stated that the tone of the event was not what many students and faculty expected. Senate agreed that discussion of this topic should continue at meetings of Chairs, Students' Union, and the Student Affairs Committee. T. Roberts requested that comments and complaints regarding this topic should be forwarded to the Students' Union. As well, she invited Senators to forward any questions regarding the event to her. A Senator expressed concern over the dissolution of the provincial program which provides university education funding to welfare recipients. The Senator inquired about MSVU's intervention on behalf of this program. S. Brown stated that she has written a letter to the Minister of Community Services. The issue was also raised at CONSUP. S. Brown encouraged interested parties to contact the Department of Education to express their concerns. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad Hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive 7.1.1 Revision of By-law 14.6 Moved by K. Kienapple, seconded by S. Drain that Senate approve the revisions to By-Law 14.6. CARRIED 7.1.2 Senate Meeting Times S. Brown reported that Senate Executive had received very little input on this topic. Therefore, Senate Executive recommends that the Senate meeting times remain as is. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee No report 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning J. Woodsworth reported that CAPP will have some items to bring forward at the next Senate meeting. 7.4 Graduate Studies L. Theriault reported that the Committee has met to review proposals for ethical approval of thesis topics. 7.5 Undergraduate Curriculum No report 7.6 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) 7.6.1 Recommendation for the Status of Professor Emeritus Moved by R. Bérard, seconded by L. Neilsen to move the meeting in camera. CARRIED Senate discussed CAPTPAA's recommendation for Professor Emeritus. Senate approved CAPTPAA's recommendation for the Status of Professor Emeritus. Moved by W. Doyle, seconded by P. Watts to move the meeting from in camera. CARRIED 7.7 Committee on Information Technology and Services 7.7.1 Revision of By-law 14.5 Moved by I. Blum , seconded by J. Woodsworth that Senate approve the revisions to By-Law 14.5 as amended. CARRIED Moved by I. Blum, seconded by P. Watts that the membership section be amended as follows: "Ex-officio members. - Director of Information Technology and Services - Director of Distance Learning and Continuing Education or designate Elected members. - one member of Senate - four full-time members of faculty, representing the areas of humanities, social sciences, science and professional programs - one student member to be named by the Students' Union CARRIED. Moved by D. Furrow, seconded by F. Harrington to amend the elected membership section by replacing the phrase "four full-time members of faculty, representing the areas of humanities, social sciences, science and professional programs" with "four full-time members of faculty." DEFEATED A Senator expressed concern that as the membership is currently designed, librarians have been eliminated from sitting on the committee. There was also a discussion regarding the inclusion in the Committee's membership of representatives from academic departments that teach technology. Some Senators felt that since these departments are largely affected by the Committee's policies and procedures they should have representation. As well, they felt that the University should utilize the expertise available on campus. Other Senators felt that, since faculty representatives are elected, the affected departments have ample opportunity to ensure membership on the Committee. Another Senator expressed concern that if the Committee on Information Technology and Services allowed specific departments in its membership, other departments would request the same, eliminating broad area representation. D. Forbes replied that she will forward these comments to the Committee. D. Forbes and some Senators discussed the rationale for the Director of Information Technology and Services not serving as the ex officio Chair of the Committee. 7.8 Library M. Raven announced that the Library has received one new set of lights and two other new sets of lights will be received in the new budget year. M. Raven also announced that the Library Award will be divided into two categories: one for students with 7.5 credit units or less from any institution and another for students with more than 7.5 credits. M. Raven stated that the Committee is still facing difficulties in creating policy for Novanet Library Privileges for MSVU Research Assistants/Contract/Grant Employees. 7.9 Nominations 7.9.1 Revision of Guidelines on the Establishment of Search and Evaluation Committees for Administrative Positions Moved by K. Kienapple , seconded by C. Mathieson that Senate approve the revised Guidelines on the Establishment of Search and Evaluation Committees for Administrative Positions. CARRIED A Senator stated that faculty members should also make up the majority on Search and Evaluation Committees for academic administrative positions. I. Blum commented that a faculty view on these committees is very important and the committees should be acting on behalf of faculty interests. 7.10 Research and Publications C. Mathieson reported that portraits of recipients for the Award of Research Excellence were hung in the library. She announced that F. Bennett, H. Li and K. Darvesh were awarded a NSERC Equipment Grant. The announcement regarding SSHRC recipients will be announced later this month. The Committee will be adjudicating the internal grants next week. C. Mathieson stated that Tri-Council, the National Council on Ethics in Research, the Graduate Studies Committee and several faculty had sent feedback and recommendations regarding the MSVU Policies and Procedures: Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans. The Committee on Research and Publications has revised the document and will submit it for the April 30 Senate Agenda. The revised document will also be sent to stakeholders for feedback. The Committee is also developing a set of forms for ethics review that, although not part of the policy, will eventually accompany the ethical review process. 7.11 Student Affairs At the April 30 Senate meeting there will be a motion to revise By-law 14.9. 7.12 Committee on Teaching At the April 30 Senate meeting there will be a motion to revise By-law 14.10. 7.13 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships L. Theriault reported that the Committee has prepared its Blueprint 2000 update. As well, entrance scholarship offers will be made by April 15. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Board of Governors No report. 8.2 Students' Union C. Nickerson announced the Students' Union election results. She reported that the Students' Union is in a transition phase until the end of April. C. Nickerson reported that approximately 250 people attended the Student Awards Night, at which four Honourary Students' Union members were announced. C. Nickerson congratulated T. Roberts who was the first recipient of the Patricia Butler prize. 9. New Business There was no new business. 10. Items for Communication The Senate Office will make the changes to the By-laws. S. Brown will communicate with the new Professor Emeritus. The Nominations Committee will communicate the Revisions to Guidelines on the Establishment of Search and Evaluation Committees for Administrative Positions. 11. Other Business There was no other business. 12. Adjournment Moved by W. Doyle, seconded by M. Raven that the meeting be adjourned at 9:00 p.m. CARRIED.