Installation Art-As-Research

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Cole, Ardra
McIntyre, Maura
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Sage Publications
Excerpt from chapter: "Join us in a look at installation art as one of the many art forms that has found its way into social science research as a methodological challenge to modernist perspectives on knowledge and knowing. Our chapter is a virtual tour of several research installations including our own. Through our experiential rendering of this art form, we consider how our work and the work of other installation artist-researchers advances knowledge in unique ways, paying particular attention to the qualities of accessibility, inclusion, audience engagement, and sociopolitical commitment. During the journey we explore some issues and challenges peculiar to installation art-as-research. We also make particular reference to the role of installation art as articulated by a number of contemporary artists whose work reflects intentions and “attitude” that echo some of the qualities of installation art-as-research."
Arts-Informed research , Research Methodology , Art installation
Cole, A. L., & McIntyre, M. (2008). Installation art as research, In J. G. Knowles and A. L. Cole (Eds.) Handbook of the arts in qualitative research: Perspectives, methodologies, examples, and issues (pp. 287 - 298). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.