“Women’s Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University: A Critical Look”

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Berthelet, Alishia
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) has long been known for its historical commitment to the higher education of women. In order for women to truly advance, they must be able to learn about themselves. Doing so allows women the opportunity to identify the sources of their oppression, so that they may then attempt to counter them. One of the areas that has flourished because of the Mount’s commitment to the advancement of women is the Women’s Studies program. The Mount has been described as a national leader in Women’s Studies, and there are four elements to this title: the Women’s Studies program; the Institute for the Study of Women; Atlantis; and the Nancy’s Chair. The development of these elements occurred within the influences of second and third wave feminism and the desire to create a "common physical space” , as well as an intellectual space, where women could study and research themselves in order to further understand their integral roles in society. While the formative years of the Women’s Studies program demonstrates a desire to maintain the Mount's status as a University committed to the higher education of women, current realities of the program paint a slightly different picture.
Mount Saint Vincent University, Women's Studies