Webinar: Co-operatives Building Pathways to Peace

To celebrate the United Nation's International Day of Peace and to highlight the contribution of co-operatives to peace-building locally and globally, this webinar featured Ian MacPherson, a professor Emeritus in History from the University of Victoria and a specialist in co-operative studies, and Smita Ramnarain who is a PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, specializing in gender and conflict. Prof. MacPherson spoke on the theme of the general connections, historical, contemporary and future, between co-operatives and the pursuit of peace, concentrating on co-op thought and perspectives. Smita based her talk on research in Nepal regarding women's cooperatives and peace in post-conflict Nepal. She focused on the role women's cooperatives have played in peace building and conflict mediation in families, neighborhoods and local communities in the aftermath of Nepal's Maoist conflict, and the lessons that can be derived from the Nepal experience for other contexts of violence. Andrew McLeod from the National Co-operative Business Association shared perspectives on the use of co-operatives in current conflict situations.