MSVU Senate Minutes -- September 26 2005

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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Senate Meeting September 26, 2005 Rosaria Boardroom 7:30 p. m. Minutes of Meeting Present: S. Brown (Chair), K. Arbuckle, R. Berard, K. Blotnicky, I. Blum, D. Bourne-Tyson, J. Britten, S. Bruhm, C. Brushett, R. Fisher, C. French, F. French, P. Glenister, J. Gordon, E. Hicks, C. Hill, N. Kayhani, B. King, M. Lyon, A. MacGillivary, R. MacKay, Jean Mills, R. Morris, D. Plumb, M. Raven, J. Sharpe, B. Taylor, L. Theriault, P. Watts, D. Woolcott, R. Zuk. Regrets: K Darvesh, A. Davis, S. Medjuck, M. Whalen, A. Whitewood. Guest: M. Landreville Welcome: S. Brown welcomed new and returning Senators. For the benefit of new Senators she then reviewed the procedural and governance practices of Senate. 1. Approval of Agenda Moved by C. Brushett, seconded by J. Gordon to approve the agenda as circulated. CARRIED. 2. Approval of Minutes of April 25, 2005 and May 6, 2005 Moved by J. Mills, seconded by M. Lyon to approve the Minutes of April 25, 2005. CARRIED. Moved by B. King, seconded by E. Hicks to approve the Minutes of May 6, 2005. CARRIED. 3. Business Arising from the Minutes There was no business arising from the Minutes of the April 25, 2005 or the May 6, 2005 meetings. 4. Presidentâ s Announcements S. Brown noted that it had been a busy summer particularly with respect to dealings with the Federal Government. She noted that the AUCC has a very active advocacy agenda and had met with the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, and a number of other senior decision makers regarding funding that might be available to support post secondary education in the future. She commented that the Federal Governmentâ s focus is primarily on productivity, education, skills training, innovation, research and development along with the need for Canada to remain competitive globally. She noted that the provincial Premiers are planning a post-secondary education forum this fall. Some support is expected for graduate education, Aboriginal education, and international education; and the Atlantic Innovation Fund has been renewed. S. Brown then called upon D. Woolcott to convey additional announcements. D. Woolcott noted that over the summer five more classrooms were enabled with technology. She then highlighted research achievements of various faculty members whose accomplishments were particularly worthy of note. 5. Question Period A Senator noted that the absence of any reference to the womenâ s mission in the first draft of the Internationalization document has now been addressed in the second draft. S. Brown then noted that input is being sought from a wide range of people and that the draft document has not yet been approved by any University body. In response to a supplementary inquiry about whether or not the Universityâ s senior management was seeking to change the womenâ s mission, S. Brown noted that CAPP has had some discussion about the meaning of our mission and how it should be expressed. Speaking for herself, she said she believes the University still has a part to play in serving the needs of women affirmatively, but that it is timely to now discuss, and reach an understanding on, how best that role is expressed and realized. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business. 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad Hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive 7.1.1 Recommendations for Standing Committee Appointments It was noted that Senate Executive is empowered under the By-laws, particularly over the summer months, to act on behalf of Senate and then have any decisions ratified at Senate in September. Moved by I. Blum, seconded by B. King that Senate ratify the decision of Senate Executive to approve the election of the following individuals to Standing Committees of Senate: Committee Individual Recommended Term Leaving the Committee Senate Executive Steven Bruhm July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2008 Susan Drain University Research Ethics Board Elizabeth Bowering Deborah Norris July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2008 July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2008 Mary Delaney Vacancy CARRIED. 7.1.2 Report on Special Senate Executive Committee meetings held on July 21, 2005 and August 5, 2005 S. Brown noted that D. Woolcott was dealing with a matter concerning research ethics during the course of which she determined that having an expert panel would be helpful. While there is nothing in the Senate policy document â Policy for Integrity in Research and Scholarshipâ to preclude that, Senate Executive was asked to confirm that this would be acceptable. The matter, which was discussed at length during the two Special Senate Executive Committee meetings held during the summer, required consideration in a timely manner. The discussions that took place at the Special Senate Executive Committee meetings provided some clarity about how the panel might be formed and what its tasks might be. Moved by S. Bruhm, seconded by C. Brushett that Senate ratify the following motion approved by Senate Executive Committee on August 5, 2005: Members of Senate Executive agree that the course of action (outlined in the document, â Selection and Role of the Review Panel to Review and Advise Regarding Allegations of Research Misconductâ prepared for Senate Executive August 5, 2005), proposed by the Vice-President (Academic), embodies the appropriate course of action for the Vice-President (Academic)â s discharge of duties under section 2.6 of the Policy for 2 Integrity in Research and Scholarship until such time that a revised Policy can be approved by Senate. CARRIED. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee The committee has not met recently but was active until early August, and will be having more meetings beginning shortly. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning 7.3.1 CAPP Report on the Review of Co-operative Education D. Woolcott noted that the Review of Co-operative Education was a thorough analysis during which the reviewers found a number of strengths as well as challenges to be overcome. CAPP has now identified sixteen recommendations for Co-operative Education to consider. 7.4 Graduate Studies M. Lyon noted that the committee has met but has nothing to bring forward at this time 7.5 Undergraduate Curriculum There was no report. 7.6 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) There was no report. 7.7 Committee on Information Technology and Services 7.7.1 Notice of Motion : Revisions to By-law 14.5 Committee on Information Technology and Services No clarification was requested on this Notice of Motion which will come back to Senate for approval at its next meeting. 7.8 Library There was no report 7.9 Nominations 7.9.1 Recommendations for Standing Committees Moved by A. MacGillivary, seconded by E. Hicks that the following Senate Nominations Committee recommendations for election to the Standing Committees of Senate be approved: Committee Individual Recommended Term Begins Term Ends Academic Appeals Prof. Susan Brigham When elected June 30, 2008 Graduate Studies Dr. Ã ine Humble, Family Studies & Gerontology Dr. Theresa Glanville, Applied Human Nutrition Dr. Elizabeth Church, Education Dr. Carmel French, Child and Youth Studies When elected When elected When elected When elected June 30, 2006 June 30, 2006 June 30, 2006 June 30, 2006 Teaching & Learning Prof. Joan Turner July 1, 2005 June 30, 2008 Student Discipline Appeals Dr. Marlene Ruck-Simmonds July 1, 2005 June 30, 2008 CARRIED. 3 7.10 Research and Publications There was no report. 7.11 Student Affairs C. Hill noted that the Committee has met once and is now engaged in follow-up activity. 7.12 Committee on Teaching and Learning P. Watts noted the Committee is in the process of scheduling meetings. 7.13 Writing Initiatives B. King noted that the Committee has met and is in the process of planning two â Brown Bagâ events. A Bright Ideas bulletin will also be coming out soon. 7.14 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships L. Theriault noted the Committee has not met yet. It was noted the preliminary enrolment figures indicated that the numbers will not be changed very much from the previous year. 7.15 University Research Ethics Board There was no report. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Board of Governors N. Kayhani noted the Board of Governors met in May and in June. The two major items addressed were the Business Plan and the University Budget. 8.2 Studentsâ Union C. Brushettâ s report on the Studentsâ Union highlighted a significant amount of activity and accomplishment. Some of the many successes noted were: progress with the lobbying for traffic lights, an expanded health plan, Frosh Week, a very good turn out for the MSVU Parlia-Mount, and the raising of $14,000 during Shinerama. S. Brown commended C. Brushett and her colleagues for all that they had achieved. 9. New Business 9.1 Annual Reports of Senate Committees (Receive Only) S. Brown noted that the Annual Reports of Senate Committees are required for inclusion with the material for the September Senate meeting. Senators were encouraged to review the reports prior to the October Senate meeting at which time any questions can be considered prior to a motion to accept the reports. 9.2 Annual Report of Nancyâ s Chair in Womenâ s Studies (For Information) The President acknowledged receipt of this report. 9.3 Fall 2005 Graduation List (Confidential Business) Moved by A. MacGillivary, seconded by N. Kayhani to move in camera. CARRIED. Senate approved the following degrees, diplomas, and certificates as follows: Certificate in Business Administration Lyon/MacGillivary Certificate in Community Residential Services Lyon/Hill 4 5 Certificate in Gerontology Lyon/Gordon Certificate in Information Technology Lyon/Mills Certificate in Marketing Lyon/Blotnicky Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management Lyon/Blotnicky Diploma in Business Administration with distinction Lyon/Hicks Diploma in Information Technology Lyon/Mills Diploma in Information Technology and Computer Studies Lyon/Mills Degree of Bachelor of Arts Lyon/Taylor Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Advanced Major) Lyon/Gordon Degree of Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts (Peace & Conflict Studies) Lyon/Bourne-Tyson Honours Certificate in Arts (Sociology/Anthropology) Lyon/Gordon Degree of Bachelor of Applied Arts (Child and Youth Study) Lyon/C.French Degree of Bachelor of Applied Arts (Information Technology) Lyon/Mills (Co-operative Education Route) Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration Lyon/MacGillivary Degree of Bachelor of Public Relations (Co-operative Education Lyon/King Route) Degree of Bachelor of Science Lyon/Gordon Degree of Bachelor of Science (Advanced Major) Psychology Lyon/Gordon Honours Certificate in Science (Psychology) Lyon/Arbuckle Degree of Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management Lyon/Blotnicky Degree of Bachelor of Education in Association with Erdiston Sharpe/Berard College Degree of Bachelor of Education in Association with the College Sharpe/Berard of Agriculture and Education Degree of Bachelor of Education in Association with St. Josephâ s Sharpe/Berard College Degree of Master of Education Sharpe/Plumb Degree of Master of Arts in Education Sharpe/Plumb Degree of Master of Arts in Family Studies and Gerontology Lyon/Brushett Degree of Research Master of Arts Sharpe/Plumb Degree of Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition Lyon/Woolcott Degree of Master of Arts in School Psychology Sharpe/Plumb Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by C. Brushett that Senate permit the Registrar to add an individualâ s name if the requirements are completed prior to the Convocation ceremony and further, to adjust any studentsâ distinction status if so warranted. CARRIED. The President reminded Senators of the need to maintain confidentiality with respect to the Graduation List until it is made public by the Registrar. Moved by P. Watts, seconded by R. Fisher to come out of confidential session. CARRIED. 10. Items for Communication The Registrar will publish the Graduation List. 11. Adjournment Moved by C. Brushett, seconded by S. Bruhm to adjourn at 8:45 p.m. CARRIED.