The Lesbian in Our Society

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Sprague, W.D.
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Tower Publications Inc.
"CASE HISTORY. 1. Paf Survey Case History NO. 201.4 Shelley Q., Waterbury, Conn. Age at time of interview: 22 years, 3 months. Shelley Q. is an attractive, svelte brunette. Above average in intelligence, she is poised and articulate. She is employed as a secretary in a Waterbury industrial concern. On a cold, snowy night in early January, the two girls - Shelley and Doris - went up to their room after dinner to find that they had forgotten to close the windows. Although the central heating was on, the room was icy cold. 'It's freezing in here!' Doris exclaimed. '...Let's both get into bed and listen to the radio. We can keep each other warm.''You mean both of us in the same bed?' Shirley stammered. 'Of course! We can cuddle,' Doris said. She was already taking off her clothes. 'I know homosexuality is considered 'unnatural,'' Shelley told her interviewing psychologist. 'But what followed was, for me, the most natural thing in life. It was my first real homosexual experience...' Dr. Sprague's report - Respondent felt lonely fro childhood...could not relate to either parent; craved protective love. Father drunk and brutal, recommend continued treatment..." -Back cover
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