Public Policy and the Social Economy in Atlantic Canada: New Brunswick

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Myers, Jan
McGrath, Chase
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As part of the activities of the Atlantic Node of the pan-Canadian Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network, the public policy working group initiated a project to map and provide an inventory of provincial legislation, policies, programs and initiatives that are directly relevant to community economic and social development, the social economy, and building the capacity and opportunities for engagement in policy formulation and implementation in the Atlantic region. This report provides an overview of the findings relating to the province of New Brunswick. To provide a baseline comparison, we have followed the reporting format of a similar mapping and inventory exercise carried out and published five years ago (Infanti, 2003). The 2003 report, published by the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet), was specifically focussed on community economic activities highlighting both gaps in policy and investment in community economic development (CED) as well as good examples of government support for such activities. Although the social economy has been equated with community economic development (CED), the current survey broadens the scope of the research by looking at policies, regulatory frameworks, programs and activities that are aimed at or include reference to social economy organizations as opposed to CED per se, but which would nevertheless include those involved in CED activities. This summary report is part of an overall review of all Atlantic Provinces and federal frameworks: “Public Policy and the Social Economy in Atlantic Canada: an inventory of jurisdictional policies, programs and activities that support social economy organizations at municipal, provincial and federal levels”.