A Manager’s Guide to P.R. Projects: A Practical Approach

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Parsons, Patricia
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Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates, Publishers
"A Manager's Guide to PR Projects picks up where classic public relations textbooks leave off. It provides hands-on guidance in planning the preliminary research for a public relations project and creating a plan to achieve specific goals, guiding the reader through managing the project's implementation. It contains worksheets that can be used for a visual representation of the planning process for both student edification and presentation to clients. The book is designed as a user-friendly guide to take the reader through the four-step public relations planning process from a number of vantage points. Intended as a learning tool for use in both the class and beyond, this book's approaches are based on real experiences in the management of communications projects designed to meet organizational goals through achieving public relations objectives"--Excerpt from cover
Public relations , Project management
Parsons, Patricia. (2003). A Manager’s Guide to P.R. Projects: A Practical Approach. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates, Publishers.