Active Engagements: A collection of lectures by the Holders of Nancy's Chair in Women's Studies, 1986-1998

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Conrad, Margaret
Brown, Sheila
McCormack, Thelma
Andersen, Marguerite
Ahooja-Patel, Krishna
Eichler, Margrit
McNeil, Maureen
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Mount Saint Vincent University
Excerpt from Foreward: "education of women. Nowa diverse educational community that attracts women and men from the East Coast region, across Canada, and around the globe, the Mount still considers the educational needs of women to be paramount. In celebrating our anniversary we wanted to bring special focus to issues of particular importance to women. One of the "jewels in the crownll of Qur commitment to advancing women's education and the study of women's issues and perspectives is Nancy's Chair in Women's Studies, whose history is related in the Introduction of this volume. We have been blessed over the past several years to have a succession of distinguished women's scholars on campus as the holders of Nancy's Chair. W'hat better way to celebrate our anniversary than to invite each of them back to deliver an anniversary lecture? We were not disappointed! It was a fabulous experience to have all of these women return to the Mount and share with us their thoughtful insights on women's scholarship today."
Feminist Theory , Conrad, Margaret , Mount Saint Vincent University. Institute for the Study of Women , Nancy's Chair in Women's Studies , Feminism