Exploring Education for Co-operation: Applying Rochdale to the Social Economy

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Sousa, Jorge
Hancock, Erin
McMurtry, J. J.
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Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network
Educational institutions and practices have played an increasingly vital role in preparing individuals to be actively involved in the social economy organizations that they are members of . However the current educational practices lack a common frame that demonstrates relevance to the Social Economy. Consequently, many educational approaches for social economy organizations highlight technical skills and management practices that do not convey values needed to build up co-operatively run organizations. It is proposed that revisiting the Co-operative movement’s approach to education for co-operation, as championed by the Rochdale pioneers, can provide coherence across educational practices. Erin Hancock will present research that explores the application of the International Co-operative Alliance’s fifth co-operative principle. Jorge Sousa will explore the notion that many current educational practices do not demonstrate the unique communitarian focus of the Social Economy. JJ McMurtry will discuss the prospect of developing an educational framework for different sectors of the Social Economy.