Provoked by Art

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Cole, Ardra
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Backalong Books/Centre for Arts-informed Research
Excerpt from Chapter: "Provoked by art I returned to my university work with eyes opened and mind spinning with prospects and possibilities for rendering research in ways that mattered. If I were to make a difference through my work I could no longer rely on the very limited power of flaccid words and numbers. I needed words plump and dripping with life juice, compelling and evocative images, representations that drew readers and viewers in to experience the research "text." Readers of research needed to be moved to feel and think and to be inspired in some way by their experience. It was my job to invite that kind of encounter. It was my job to more fully portray the complexities of the human condition to broader audiences, and to invite even an approximation of the kind of holistic, full-bodied engagemenr I had experienced through art. Research, like art, could be accessible, evocative, embodied, empathic, provocative."
Arts-informed research , Personal Reflections
Cole, A. L. (2004). Provoked by art. In A. L. Cole, L. Neilsen, J. G. Knowles, & Luciani, T. (Eds.). Provoked by art: Theorizing arts-informed research (pp. 11-17). Halifax, Nova Scotia: Backalong Books.