At the Table: Exploring Women's Roles in the PEI Fishery.Working paper 2009-11

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Roach-Lewis, Sara
Fitzpatrick, Susan
Novaczek, Irené
Mitchell, Jean
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"To answer the question of who should be at the fisheries management table, it is logical to take a look at who is actively involved in fishing. The idea to produce this exploration of womenâ s roles in the PEI fishery came out of the recognition that women and young people could be seen on fishing boats, but the available statistics on PEI fisheries say nothing about how and to what extent women and youth are involved in fisheries or fisheries management. There are no statistics to show the numbers of men and women who are holding core licenses (â primaryâ ) and helpersâ permits (â corksâ ), or who are engaged in work on shore and in the home (such as book-keeping, purchasing, marketing, child care, and preparing food for harvesters) that directly supports family fishing enterprises. Women and the work they do are essentially invisible â to the point where, if asked, many women engaged in fisheries-related work do not identify themselves as fishworkers."
Fisheries , PEI , Prince Edward Island , Women , Youth , Fishing