MSVU Senate Minutes -- January 29 2001

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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Senate Meeting Rosaria Boardroom January 29, 2001 A meeting of the Senate was held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, January 29, 2001, in the Rosaria Board Room. Present: J. Woodsworth (Chair), R. Bérard, I. Blum, S. Boyd, W. Doyle, S. Drain, M. Evans, C. Ferns, B. Frank, P. Glenister, C. Hill, N. Hill, K. Kienapple, M. MacMillan, C. Mathieson, C. Nickerson, N. Parsons, S. Perrott, M. Raven, T. Roberts, E. Rosenthal, R. Sampson, L. Theriault, P. Watts. Regrets: S. Brown, D. Furrow, B. Hodkin, B. King, L. Neilsen, R. Warne. Guests: P. Fancey, R. Jeppeson, D. Forbes. 1. Approval of Agenda J. Woodsworth welcomed N. Parsons, E. Rosenthal and S. Drain to Senate. Moved by P. Watts, seconded by S. Boyd that the agenda be approved as circulated. CARRIED Senate agreed to discuss item 7.7, Committee on Information Technology and Services before item 7.1, Senate Executive. 2. Approval of Minutes of December 4, 2000 Moved by S. Perrott, seconded by M. Raven that the minutes of December 4, 2000 be approved as amended. CARRIED The minutes were amended under item 7.3.1, to change the last sentence from "... Saturdays as teaching days, they allow less time for grade submissions, and they schedule classes later in the day." to "... Saturdays as teaching days, and they allow less time for grade submissions." The minutes were also amended under item 7.12, in the first sentence to change the word "Extending" to "Extended." 3. Business Arising from the Minutes There was no business arising. 4. President's Announcements 4.1 Update on the Implementation of Blueprint 2000 J. Woodsworth informed Senators of members of the Blueprint Steering Committee who were present to answer questions: B. Frank, P. Fancey, C. Nickerson and J. Woodsworth. J. Woodsworth presented an update on the implementation of Blueprint 2000. Highlights of the presentation include: ⠢ The identification of six strategic visions: Academic Excellence, Attract Excellent Students, Student Success, Internationalization, Distributed Learning Leadership and Progressive Partnerships. ⠢ Two enablers, technological innovation and campus and facility development, were identified. ⠢ Human resources was stressed, as the university needs the right people to help achieve the goals of Blueprint 2000. ⠢ The action plans are being implemented between April 2000 and March 2001. ⠢ Detailed examples of how a priority will be implemented, including goals, actions and next steps. ⠢ The action plans will be monitored and periodically updated. ⠢ Plans will be adjusted as necessary. 5. Question Period There was an inquiry on how energetically MSVU was pursuing the purchase of the land surrounding the Motherhouse. The Chair replied that there was no definite plan to acquire any Motherhouse lands. There was an inquiry on which university bodies are responsible for the Partnerships objective under Blueprint 2000. More specifically, who is responsible for looking at suggestions from the private sector to fund staffing? The Chair replied that partnerships that relate to staffing and facilities would go to the President and the Board of Governors and, depending on the type of partnership, there may be additional consultation. However, if a department is approached to form a partnership with the private sector, the request first goes to the Chair of the department, then the appropriate Dean and finally to the AVP. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad Hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive 7.1.1 Records Policy for Senate Committees (Notice of Motion) At the next Senate meeting there will be a motion to add the Records Policy for Senate Committees to the Senate By-Laws. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee L. Theriault reported that there were no appeals before the Committee. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning J. Woodsworth reported that CAPP was currently reviewing the procedures and policies regarding academic offenses. Once all task force members are in place, there will be public meetings and other communications with faculty interested in expressing their view regarding academic offenses. 7.3.1 Strategic Research Plan Moved by R. Sampson, seconded by P. Watts that the Strategic Research Plan: Canada Research Chairs Program be approved as circulated. CARRIED (19 in favour, 2 opposed) C. Mathieson discussed the development of the Strategic Research Plan for the Canada Research Chairs Program. Faculty as well as various documents were consulted. C. Mathieson wrote the initial draft. The draft was reviewed by the Committee on Research & Publications for further input and additional changes. The Plan then went to CAPP for review and final changes. There was a discussion about the balance of discipline representation within the Strategic Research Plan and about support of unidentified areas. It was noted that this Plan does not guide internal research funds. There was an inquiry to whether MSVU was planning to divide the Tier I Research Chair allocation into two Tier IIs. The President has not yet made a final decision. Senate suggested that the title of the document should be changed to better represent its purpose and first list Canada Research Chairs Program, followed by Strategic Research Plan. 7.4 Graduate Studies 7.4.1 Graduate Studies Curriculum (for action) (documentation attached) Education A. New Course i. Moved by R. Sampson, seconded by B. Frank to approve the addition of GFDD 6511 - Race, Culture and Education: Introduction to Anti-racism Education. CARRIED There was a discussion about the library's resource requirements for this course. Since the course was taught as a Special Topics course for a number of years, the materials are already available within the library. However, the Library did not receive this new course proposal. R. Sampson will ask the Graduate Studies Committee to ensure complete proposals are submitted. It was also noted that the form submitted was outdated as the title "Director of Computing and Communication Technology" is no longer in use. 7.5 Undergraduate Curriculum 7.5.1 Undergraduate Curriculum (for information) The following curriculum changes were brought to Senate for information: Fine Arts A. Change to existing course i. FINE 3303 - New prerequisites, Reworded description 7.5.2 Undergraduate Curriculum (for action) Education a) New Course i. Moved by R. Sampson, seconded by L. Theriault to approve the addition of EDUC 2100 - Portfolio Development. CARRIED Senate was reminded that this course was mandated by PLA which was passed by Senate in April 1999. History a) New Courses Moved by R. Sampson, seconded by M. Raven to approve the addition of: i. HIST 3325 - Selected Topics in the History of Atlantic Canada ii. HIST 3326 - Selected Topics in the History of Atlantic Canada iii. HIST 3327 - Selected Topics in the History of Atlantic Canada. CARRIED Mathematics and Computer Studies a) Change to existing program Moved by R. Sampson, seconded by C. Nickerson to approve the change to the requirements of the Diploma in Information Technology and Computer Studies. CARRIED 7.6 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) No report. 7.7 Committee on Information Technology and Services D. Forbes reported that the committee met three times since November. During the November 6 meeting the committee meet with L. DeGrace, J. Fraser-Arsenault and P. Reyno to discuss ergonomic issues. After the meeting the committee publicized to the university community websites and booklets available on the topic of ergonomics. The Committee also reviewed its terms of reference; changes to these terms will be included on the next Senate agenda. D. Forbes provided an update on the IT Capital process. There are five key IT projects: (1) Internet and campus network access in the Royal Bank Link and the EMF lower level study carrels; (2) 33 new computers and 8 memory upgrades for faculty and staff; (3) new computers for Seton 345 and the 8 existing computers will be redistributed; (4) 2 permanent instructor stations, in rooms yet to be determined; and (5) the IT lab will receive expanded RAM and hard drive capacity. News that there was Internet access in the EMF carrels and Royal Bank Link was communicated through the Registrar's Newsletter distributed in January with students' marks, in the Mount Memo and on the MSVU website. D. Forbes reported that the committee was investigating use of NAPSTER and ICQ on university computers. The committee was concerned that both use a lot of bandwidth and the move to offering on-line services could affect processing speed. A member of the IT&S network team will be asked to the next committee meeting to discuss this issue and make recommendations. D. Forbes noted that part-time faculty computers was on the agenda for the next meeting. The committee will be looking for a strategy of replacing these computers. A sub-committee has been created to review the existing computer usage agreement with respect to students. The sub-committee will vet suggestions with the Committee on Information Technology and Services for review before recommendations are sent to Senate. 7.8 Library M. Raven reported that the committee has been meeting regularly. The committee sent a detailed memo to the Physical Plant regarding issues of lighting and the location of the book drop. All their requests were denied. The committee will be discussing ways to gain support from Student Services at the next meeting. The committee will also be discussing the Lovelace Report regarding staff hours in the Archives at the next meeting. The report recommends that archivist staffing hours be increased. The Archives has an archival policy; however, this is an evolving document. 7.9 Nominations 7.9.1 Senate Committee on Information Technology and Services: Membership Moved by K. Kienapple, seconded by I. Blum that Senate approve the appointment of P. O'Neill as Senate representative to the Committee on Information Technology and Services. CARRIED K. Kienapple encouraged Senate members to nominate individuals for the numerous committee vacancies. 7.10 Research and Publications C. Mathieson reported that the committee had finished adjudicating the January internal grant competition. She also noted that the Research Office has sent out a mentorship survey to all faculty. C. Mathieson invited Senate members to attend the next book launch on January 30. 7.11 Student Affairs C. Hill reported that a survey of faculty and chairs was conducted to gather names of tutors for each department. Unfortunately, there was a low response rate. C. Hill encourages all faculty to respond and the committee is developing a list of resources for students. 7.12 Committee on Teaching J. Woodsworth reported that the Faculty Council met two recent winners of the AAU Award for Instructional Leadership who discussed how they demonstrate instructional leadership. The deadline for the MSVU Instructional Leadership Award is March 1. More information regarding this award is available from members of SCOT. S. Drain reported that WIC was investigating the creation of a Foundation Writing Course. The sub-committee held a brown bag lunch last week to discuss the perceived a gap between students' and faculty's expectations. 7.13 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships L. Theriault reported that the bursary process deadline was January 15. Currently the committee had 460 applications. The committee plans to announce the bursary recipients prior to Spring Break. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Board of Governors No report. 8.2 Students' Union C. Nickerson reported that the Students' Union held a successful Winter Carnival. The Shinerama committee received a national award for best secondary fundraiser with their Don't Be Shy, Take a Pie Campaign. N. White is organizing Toque Tuesday on February 6. The Spring Elections are scheduled for the second week of March. C. Nickerson reported that the Students' Union executive had an inservice day to discuss short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Members of the Students' Union had an opportunity to meet with the two Vice President - Administration candidates. 9. New Business There was no new business. 10. Items for Communication New courses and programs will be included in the Academic Calendar Website will house the Canadian Research Chairs Program: Strategic Research Plan New Committee member will receive a letter from the Secretary of Senate 11. Other Business There was no other business. 12. Adjournment Moved by C. Ferns, seconded by W. Doyle that the meeting be adjourned at 9:10 p.m. CARRIED.