MSVU Senate Minutes -- November 30 2009

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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Senate Meeting November 30, 2009 Rosaria Boardroom 7:30 p.m. Minutes Present: A. McDonough (Chair), R. Bagg, R. Bérard, I. Blum, D. Bourne-Tyson, K. Darvesh, K. Dewar, R. Farmer, P. Glenister, F. Harrington, L. Herrington, E. Hicks, B. Jessop, N. Kayhani, K. Kienapple, M. Lyon, B. MacInnes, M. MacMillan, L. Mann, J. Mills, I. Pottie, C. Schneider, J. Sharpe, L. Steele, B. Taylor, J. Tucker-Johnston, D. Varga, S. Walsh, P. Watts, R. Zuk Regrets: M. Finney, R. Gechtman, J. Hollett, A. MacGillivary, J. Neilson, G. Solomon, R. Warne Guests: B. Emodi, P. Parsons A. McDonough called the meeting to order and welcomed to the meeting the new student representative, Jennifer Tucker-Johnston, and guests Prof. Barbara Emodi and Dr. Patricia Parsons from the Public Relations department. 1. Approval of Agenda Moved by D. Bourne-Tyson, seconded by F. Harrington to approve the agenda as distributed with the addition of Item 8.5 Report from the Board of Governors. CARRIED 2. Approval of Minutes of November 9, 2009. DEFERRED 3. Business Arising from the Minutes 3.1 Business and Tourism course additions, program changes 3.1.1 Addition of new course: BUSI 2011, Introduction to Entrepreneurship Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded by R. Bagg that Senate approve the addition of BUSI 2011. CARRIED 3.1.2 Certificate in Accounting program changes Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded by R. Bagg that Senate approve the changes to the Certificate in Accounting. CARRIED 3.1.3 Addition of new courses: BUSI 4426, Advanced Cost Accounting and Internal Control; 4427, Advanced Taxation Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded E. Hicks that Senate approve the addition of BUSI 4426 and 4427, noting that, in the material distributed, page 31 should follow page 27. CARRIED 3.1.4 Deletion of course: BUSI 4463, Taxation of Investments Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded E. Hicks that Senate approve the deletion of BUSI 4463. CARRIED 2 3.1.5 B.B.A. with Concentration deletion of Finance concentration; Accounting course changes. DEFERRED for consideration under Item 7.3.1. 3.2 Collaboration Agreement between MSVU and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China M. Lyon reported that Jeff Hollett is now looking into the relationship between Fujian University and MSVU before going forward with this Collaboration Agreement. 4. Presidentâ s Announcements A. McDonough informed Senators that Dennis Cochrane, Deputy Minister of Education, has recently resigned. At a meeting of CONSUP dealing with matters involving international students, as A. McDonough was unable to attend, Brian Jessop and Jeff Hollett recommended that Ardath Whynacht attend to represent MSVU. A. McDonough indicated that she had received feedback from Ardath on the discussion. A.McDonough indicated that the Strategic Planning Implementation Committee was preparing to meet in the following week. B. Jessop reported on a meeting regarding the MOU with the Province. As there appears to be positive feelings with respect to the existing MOU, the indication is that it will continue and a payment schedule letter is in preparation for signing. A. McDonough spoke on the Governmentâ s Response to the Economic Advisory Report and how strongly the Premier reinforced the commitment to education. A. McDonough also spoke on recent encouraging happenings at MSVU including the launch of the Digital Commons, Multicultural Night, and Black Tie Bingo, events supported by the entire Mount community. 5. Question Period R. Zuk commented on the announcement regarding upcoming early retirements and wondered how many tenure term appointments are scheduled for July 1st. A. McDonough referred the question to M. Lyon and B. Jessop B. Jessop reported that the number of early retirement acceptances includes seven in July 2010 and two for July 2011. M. Lyon responded that this week there will be eight tenure track position advertisements in addition to the six that have been posted. Departments are now producing ads to fill new positions and retirements. January enrolments will be watched to determine if there is a need for new faculty positions in other departments. S. Walsh asked about the Policies and Procedures document developed for the Graduate Admissions and Program Committee in Graduate Women and Gender Studies. She wondered why the document has not moved forward as the program is undergoing a review this year. K. Kienapple responded that the document was forwarded to his counterpart at Saint Maryâ s and there were some questions about the program review. They thought it best that nothing be brought forward to the respective Senates until after the review is completeâ the document will be a part of the package that the reviewers look at. S. Walsh felt this shows a lack of support for the program with respect to the number of hours and work put into the document and this does not help the process of program review or show support for the program. R. Zuk spoke of her role on the Committee which has six members from MSVU and six from SMU who worked 18 months on the Policy and Procedures document. She said it would be beneficial for the program to have the document brought to Senate soon. K. Kienapple responded that CAPP at MSVU and APC at SMU have approved the study guide for the external review and this will be distributed to the Program Coordinators and Chairs. The self-study portion of the review should be completed by April and the external review will begin next fall. 3 S. Walsh commented that those doing the self-study should have a feeling of support from the Deans, and the external reviewers may wonder why the document has not been approved by the Deans after all the work that has been put in it. R. Zuk commented that the Deans are suggesting the Policy and Procedures document be part of the external review, but there are sometimes lapses of several years before Senate sees the results of external reviews. She wondered if it was possible that the Policy and Procedures Manual be brought to Senate in April or next September. K. Kienapple responded that there will be a timely response to Senate from CAPP and that this is going to involve communication with SMU regarding the Graduate program. This will not delay the process, but will impact the process. The MSVU self-study document will be used as a guide for the external review. M. Lyon commented that there have been a number of changes in Policy and Procedures over time, and a document approved at this point may only have to be changed again after the review. I. Pottie mentioned that the schedule for academic review and the policy are missing from the MSVU Intranet. M. Lyon indicated that the schedule is being updated; its removal could be a result of the website redesign. B. Jessop indicated that there are ways to comment on the website if it is noticed that information is missing. D. Varga spoke on the importance of having students able to consult current policies, particularly those in a joint program, commenting on out-dated documents and the issue surrounding the use of these for both students and faculty. She mentioned the Globe &Mailâ s recent student survey, particularly student satisfaction with faculty. 40% of these positive comments are directed at part-time faculty members at MSVU. She was wondering during this time of bargaining if part-time faculty would be recognized. A. McDonough acknowledged D. Vargaâ s comments but did not want to encroach on the collective bargaining process. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business 7. Committee Reports 7.1 Senate Executive There was no report. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee B. MacInnes reported that the committee has heard one appeal and found in favor of the instructor. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning 7.3.1 Deletion of Finance Major and Concentration from the BBA Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by E. Hicks to approve the deletion of the Finance major and concentration from the BBA. CARRIED M. Lyon gave background on the decision brought to UCC from CAPP, noting that it was a decision of the department to bring this motion. The external review recommended that the department should focus resources on its key areas of strength. The finance program has attracted few students. J. Tucker-Johnston asked what would happen to students in this program. M. Lyon responded that the department would work with students so they will be able to complete their major in finance. 7.3.2 Report on the Review of the Economics Program (for information) 4 M. Lyon noted there are a number of CAPP recommendations that will be coming forward, some in the near future and some later. The review took place in 2006 and came at a time when CAPP received a number of reviews with similar issues: programs with low student enrollment and significant issues for the university to deal with, as outlined in the external reviewersâ summary on page 2 and 3 of the review (page 42-43 of the Senate package). There is a demand for Economics, but there have been low numbers in the major over the last number of years. The reviewers saw having only two faculty members as a challenge to the program. Recommendations are to offer a minor to meet the needs of students in other programs and to increase collaboration with other departments. L. Mann commented on the length of time between the review and the CAPP report and the impact on the relevance of the recommendations since the enrolment data is now outdated. B. Taylor indicated that enrolment has increased for courses that are being taught. L. Mann wondered if courses were not being offered because of insufficient numbers of faculty to teach. K. Darvesh indicated that there is current enrollment data in the report. D. Varga commented that she did not feel from reading the report that the reviewers were recommending discontinuation of the program, but that the hiring of an additional faculty member is required, expressing concern that data being used is for courses that havenâ t been taught in 10 years. B. Taylor mentioned that the courses that are popular are not the courses that are required for an economics major. M. Lyon indicated that the courses have not been offered because the enrolment numbers have been low. N. Kayhani noted that it was not due to low enrolment that the courses have not been offered but to there being only two faculty members in the department. J. Mills indicated that there has been an increased interest in Economics and wondered if MSVU students could take Economics courses at Dalhousie on an AEC (Authorized External Course) to complete the major. M. Lyon mentioned the current policy of students needing to take 50% of their major coursework at MSVU and that students are upset to find out they cannot complete a major in Economics without taking courses at other institutions. N. Kayhani discussed the documents that CAPP has submitted to Senate. Since the external review was done in 2006 the information used by CAPP to make their decision is outdated. Students taking their major in Economics at MSVU take 5 of 20 units at DAL or SMU, and the department informs students of this. She noted discrepancies in the CAPP report, such as the history of the department in the Introduction section on page 1. All 20 units could be taken at MSVU with the hiring of a new faculty member. L. Herrington expressed the frustration of students who have to take a full year at Dal and sees it as false advertising to have these courses in the Calendar if courses are not offered to complete the program. R. Zuk commented on the background of the program and that the department had lost two full-time members that were not replaced; what needs to happen is new hiring. M. Lyon responded that each year CAPP looks at priorities for hiring and at the time that the Economics program lost two faculty members, the enrolment numbers did not warrant the positions being filled. J. Tucker-Johnston commented on courses in the calendar not being offered and wondered if the students that were interested in the program were calculated in the data or tracked to see if interest in the Economics major has increased. D. Varga had concerns over the report not being an accurate depiction of the department and requested that past documentation be submitted to Senate for information. K. Darvesh reminded Senate that this report is for information and that although it contains recommendations there are no recommendations being made at this time. M. MacMillan commented that, although the CAPP report is for information, it is an opportunity for Senate to discuss and comment. Other departments are implicated in the report, but are not part of the active discussion. N. Kayhani commented that the report does not recommend the discontinuation of a major in Economics and that the information coming to Senate should be accurate and needs correction and updating to reflect changes in the department before coming to Senate. R. Zuk expressed dismay at records not being kept on CAPP decisions and asked if it was possible to have updated information for the Economics review. K. Darvesh commented that this is an ongoing process and the department has a year to address recommendations and provide a response to CAPP. 5 When a recommendation is brought to Senate, the department has the opportunity to provide a written response. K. Dewar noted the mention of the Academic Plan in the discontinuation of programs and that CAPPâ s response is that the recommendations are consistent with the Academic Plan. M. Lyon responded that Senate approved the Academic Plan and that the decisions brought forward are consistent with the approved Policy and Procedures of the Academic Plan. K. Dewar wondered if the procedures covering external reviews should be examined. M. Lyon responded that this is currently underway. K. Dewar noted the length of time between the review and the CAPP report to Senate and gave background on the history and purpose of external reviews. B. Taylor commented on the MPHEC requirements and their list of elements that need to be looked at, noting that these are an external set of guidelines that have to be taken into account. M. Lyon commented on the number of reviews faced by CAPP within a 12â 18 month period. I. Pottie asked if departments currently under review are aware of the current undertaking of the Policy and Procedures and guidelines for reviews. M. Lyon responded that changes to the guidelines would have to be approved by Senate. M. Lyon commented on the process and noted that CAPPâ s recommendation will come forward with full documentation and that the department will have a chance to provide a written response to CAPPâ s report for further discussion. 7.3.3 New Degree Program BSc (Science Communication) Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by F. Harrington that Senate approve the BSc (Science Communication) program for a start date of September 2010 subject to approval by MPHEC. CARRIED M. Lyon gave background on the program brought forward jointly by three departments in Science and the Public Relations Program. The program is in line with Destination 2012 in its collaboration across departments, and is unique in Canada. L. Mann commented that it is an interesting proposal, but was concerned about how the program would be marketed, how long would it be given to attain numbers and what support will they be given. M. Lyon answered that this is the first such undergraduate program in Canada with a graduate program supported in other institutions; 75% of the program is being offered currently and builds on the current Science and Public Relations programs. P. Parsons spoke on the external consultation and support that the program has received. There is a post-graduate, one-year program at Laurentian University, and they have agreed to work with MSVU. There was positive praise for the program from SMU and Dal as well. L. Mann expressed reservations of the program beginning without data to support the need and, consequently, having the program struggle or fail. P. Parsons responded that Communications is the fastest growing field so it is likely to be a strongly viable program. B. MacInnes commented that this program is for current and returning students as well as for new students. L. Herrington agreed that a number of students have shown interest in transferring or returning for this program. K. Dewar wondered, if there are not 25-30 interested students, is there another plan for the program. P. Parsons responded that there is only one new course for first year students in this program which is open to students in other disciplines. J. Mills questioned the four month internship required for the COMM 3501 course and wondered if it should be a minimum of 13 weeks. 7.4 Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee 7.4.1 Calendar description revision re: Failure 6 Moved by K. Kienapple, seconded by B. MacInnes that Senate approve the revised calendar description re: failure and the policy on dismissal and readmission. REFERRED back to the Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee M. MacMillan wondered why a student who failed (F*) on the grounds of academic dishonesty would be readmitted. B. MacInnes responded that such a student has the right to appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee to provide another hearing opportunity and a chance to state what has been learned from the experience. A. McDonough reminded Senators that this is the current phrasing in the Academic Calendar. M. MacMillan requested that the F* be removed, but that the F remain in the Graduate Calendar. M. Lyon suggested that this be brought to the Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee for review giving them the opportunity to bring a motion forward to Senate. C. Schneider commented on the seriousness of plagiarism pointing out the use of new technology by students and that they may sometimes not be aware of what is considered plagiarism. Motion by M. MacMillan, seconded by L. Mann to refer back to the Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee, to discuss the removal of the F*, motions under item 7.4.1, Calendar description revision re: Failure and under item 7.4.2 Policy on Dismissal and Readmission. CARRIED 7.4.2 Policy on Dismissal and Readmission REFERRED back to the Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee. 7.5 Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships and Awards Committee There was no report. 7.6 Undergraduate Curriculum 7.6.1 Changes to existing programs History: addition of a new course HIST 2265, Introduction to African Civilizations (0.5 unit) Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded by K. Dewar to approve the addition of HIST 2265. CARRIED Sociology/Anthropology program changes Addition of new course: SOAN 4416, Contemporary Social theory (0.5 unit) Deletion of course: SOAN 4414, Selected Perspectives in Sociological Theory Deletion of course: SOAN 4415, Selected Perspectives in Anthropology Theory Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded by M. MacMillan to approve the addition of SOAN 4416, and the deletion of SOAN4414 and 4415. CARRIED Changes to program Changes to Major (20 units) Changes to Honours Degree Moved by J. Sharpe, seconded by I. Blum to approve the changes to the Sociology/Anthropology Major and Honours. CARRIED 7.6.2 Changes to existing programs: prerequisites and descriptions (for information) Sociology/Anthropology course name changes/descriptions There was no discussion. 7 7.7 Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administrators (CAPTPAA) There was no report. 7.8 Information Technology and Services There was no report. 7.9 Library R. Bagg reported that the previous Friday was Library Day which featured the launch of the Digital Commons. 7.10 Nominations 7.10.1 Senate representatives on Search Committees I. Blum reported that elections for faculty representatives for the Deans, VP Academic and Assoc. VP Academic are underway. Moved I. Blum, seconded L. Mann that Senate elect the following faculty members as Senate representatives: Dr. Robert Bagg to the Search Committee for Dean of Arts & Science and Dean of Professional Studies and Dr. Jeff Young to the Search Committee for Associate Vice-President (Research and Academic). CARRIED 7.11 Research and Publications 7.11.1 Revisions: Award for Research Excellence Moved by F. Harrington, seconded by E. Hicks to approve the revisions to the Call for Nominations: Award for Research Excellence. CARRIED 7.12 Student Experience There was no report. 7.13 Teaching and Learning P. Watts reported that the committee has been meeting regularly but has nothing specific to report at this time. 7.14 Writing Initiatives P. Watts reported that the committee has been meeting regularly but has nothing specific to report at this time. 7.15 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships The Committee has met but has nothing specific to report at this time. 7.16 University Research Ethics Board There was no report. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Studentsâ Union L. Herrington reported that the vacant council positions were filled last week. There was a service held in memory of the Montreal massacre. D. Varga wondered why the memorial service was held in advance. L. Herrington answered that it was due to the approaching exams. 8.2 Destination 2012 There is a meeting scheduled next week of the Implementation Committee. 8.3 Joint Board-Senate Liaison Committee 8 The committee has not met. 8.4 Presidential Search Committee M. MacMillan reported that there has been one meeting since the last meeting of Senate and the material has been added to the Mount webpage. 8.5 Board of Governors R. Bérard reported that the Board met on December 12th and was given a tour of the research space located at 2 Melody Drive. An update on enrolments was presented by Jeff Hollett, Associate VP Student Experience, noting an increase in international student enrolment. Also discussed were the results of the Macleanâ s survey. B. Jessop reported on the energy audit results and the opportunity for cost efficient infrastructure and grants being offered to MSVU for energy upgrades. A. McDonough noted the impact of climate change and the initiatives being taken to be more energy efficient. 9. New Business The Senate meeting scheduled for next week will not be held. 10. Items for Communication Calendar changes to be communicated to the university community. A. McDonough thanked members of Senate whose terms are ending: K. Dewar and J. Mills. 11. Adjournment Moved by J. Tucker-Johnston to adjourn the meeting at 10:27 pm Respectfully submitted, Cynthia Black