Webinar: Co-operative Enterprises: Their Relevance Now and in the Future

(unfortunately there is no recording for this 2011 webinar). The financial and ensuing economic crisis has had negative impacts on the majority of enterprises; however co-operative enterprises around the world are showing resilience to the crisis. Financial co-operatives remain financially sound; consumer co-operatives are reporting increased turnover, worker co-operatives are seeing growth as people choose the co-operative form of enterprise to respond to new economic realities Lou’s presentation explores why co-operatives fare better than other forms of business in an economic crisis. Lou Hammond-Ketilson is a professor at the University of Saskatchewan in the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives. John’s presentation explores the unique roles that co-operatives play in “humanizing the economy” – including their importance in providing social care, protecting communities and culture, making trade fair, and managing the global commons. John looks at some of the innovative ways in which co-operative businesses can address these challenges. John Restakis presents as the Executive Director of the BC Co-operative Association.