Parenting Experiences of Chinese Immigrantswith School-age Children

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Tian, Xiaomei
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A growing number of Chinese immigrants come to Canada to better the future for their children. While raising children can be demanding at times, the struggles resulting from bicultural parenting may significantly increase the difficulties. To cater to the growing cross-cultural parenting needs, this study explored how the unique challenges such as race, culture, economic issues, language and social networks impacted the Chinese immigrant parenting experiences. Phenomenology was used as the strategy to guide the research. Semi-structured interviews were used to discern how Chinese immigrants were making sense of their bicultural parenting experiences. Ten Chinese immigrant parents (mother and father) from five families were recruited as participants. Ten main themes from “parenting philosophies, attitudes, and approaches of Chinese immigrant parents” to “needs in raising the children” emerged from the phenomenology data analysis. In the main part of the Discussion, I used the phenomenological approach to describe the meanings of Chinese immigrant parents’ parenting and investigated how these meanings influenced the parenting methods they chose. The study confirmed the significance of cultural and social systems of support for Chinese immigrant parenting. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System Theory served as a foundation upon which the development and implementation of this study was built. Finally, to initiate efficient programs for Chinese immigrant parents in the future, I put forward the recommendations to all the stakeholders who are interested in the bicultural parenting issues.
Parenting , Chinese Family Relationships , Immigrant Children , Families , Chinese Canadians