MSVU Senate Minutes -- January 31 2000

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Senate, Mount Saint Vincent University
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Senate Meeting Rosaria Boardroom January 31, 2000 A meeting of the Senate was held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, January 31, 2000, in the Rosaria Board Room. Present: S. Brown (Chair), P. Baker, I. Blum, B. Casey, D. Furrow, C. Ferns, P. Glenister, F. Harrington, C. Hill, N. Hill B. Hodkin, N. Kayhani, M. Lyon, M. MacMillan M. Mahshi, M. McIntosh, J. Mills G. Nepean, , L. Neilsen, C. PortolesiB. Rao, M. Raven, T. Richards, R. Sampson, B. Taylor, L. Theriault, P. Watts, J. Woodsworth.. Regrets:F. Early, C. Mathieson, R. Warne, J. Young.. Guests: R. Jeppesen, C. Nickerson, T. Roberts. 1. Approval of Agenda S. Brown welcomed L. Neilsen to Senate. Moved by G. Nepean, seconded by B. Harvey that the agenda be approved as circulated. CARRIED 2. Approval of Minutes of November 29, 2000 and December 6, 1999 Moved by M. McIntosh, seconded by B. Casey that the minutes of November 29, 1999 be approved as amended. CARRIED The minutes were amended under item 8.1, the third line to change the word â Rhynoâ to â Reynoâ and under item 3.3, to include the statement â A summary of the Academic Appeals Committee decisions was distributed to enators by the Committee Chair, T. Glanville prior to the meeting.â Moved by M. Raven, seconded by T. Richards that the minutes of December 6, 1999 be approved as amended. CARRIED The minutes were amended under item 5.3.3, the seventh paragraph, to reword the first two sentences â too closely tied in with budgetary constraints. D. Furrow emphasized...â 3. Business Arising from the Minutes D. Furrow confirmed that the course formerly designated FSGN 3350 has received a new number. 3.1 Policy on Tape Recording of Senate Meetings S. Brown reported that the Senate Executive is researching the implications of the FOIPOP Act on university records. S. Brown attended a presentation for the Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents by R. Doherty, FOIPOP coordinator for the province, and discovered that there is a plan to provide training for staff of institutions which will be required to comply. The Act does not come into affect until November. Senate Executive will continue to monitor this issue. 3.2 Academic Calendar - Remembrance Day S. Brown reported that Senate Executive discussed the provincial legislation regarding Remembrance Day. S. Brown confirmed with the Vice-Presidentâ s Office and the Registrarâ s Office that the MSVU was complying with this provincial legislation. 4. President's Announcements S. Brown reported that J. Purves, the Minister of Education, D. Nauss, the acting Deputy Minister of Education, and S. Clark from the Nova Scotia Council of Higher Education came to campus in early January to discuss the funding formula and plans for the future. S. Brown informed Senate that D. Cochrane will be the new Deputy Minister of Education. 5. Question Period There were no questions. 6. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business. 7. Committee Reports (Standing and Ad Hoc) 7.1 Senate Executive No report. 7.2 Academic Appeals Committee L. Theriault reported that there was a meeting scheduled to review ongoing appeals. 7.3 Academic Policy and Planning 7.3.1 Academic Plan (revised version - documentation attached). Moved B. Casey, seconded B. Rao that Senate adopt the Senate Records Policy. CARRIED J. Woodsworth reported that the changes made to the Academic Plan were based on both written suggestions and discussions resulting from the December Faculty Council meeting. There was some reservation on the administrative merging of the Political Science, Philosophy and Economics departments. The issue of creating a new discipline was more difficult than expanding an existing one and the issue of the loss of identity was discussed. There was a discussion on the relatively small monetary savings as a result of merging these departments. B. Taylor on behalf of CAPP stated that saving money was not a factor in this decision and that CAPP wanted to maintain the three disciplines. However, the University could only mount one program. Therefore, CAPP supports one department to support the program instead of three departments supporting three disciplines. This would result in one department deciding on new faculty instead of three competing for new appointments. There was discussion on whether the Academic Plan was a visionary document. Moved by M. MacMillan, seconded by N. Kayhani to amend section vii) Economics, Philosophy and Political Studies in the second paragraph by deleting â In any case, CAPP recommends that the three departments be merged into one administrative unit, a unit which could preserve the name of all three disciplines in its title in order to maintain their individual identities.â DEFEATED. Moved by M. Lyon, seconded by B. Harvey that Senate endorse the Academic Plan as presented on December 6, 1999 with the changes presented in bold on January 31, 2000. CARRIED. J. Woodsworth thanked members of CAPP. 7.4 Committee on Extended Learning No report. 7.5 Graduate Studies No report. 7.6 Undergraduate Curriculum 7.6.2 Undergraduate Curriculum (for action) (documentation attached) Applied Human Nutrition a)Moved by D. Furrow, seconded by F. Harrington to approve the change to professional minor in Applied Human Nutrition. CARRIED. b)Moved by D. Furrow, seconded by G. Nepean to approve the addition of a science minor in Applied Human Nutrition. CARRIED. 7.7 Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure or Permanence for Academic Administration (CAPTPAA) 7.7.1 Professors Emeriti (Confidential Business) Senate discussed CAPTPAAâ s recommendations for Professors Emeriti. The question was raised why many of the nominees (approximately 25%) have been associate professors when the regulations stipulate full professor nominees. There was concern that some departments may have not nominated individuals because they were not full professors. J. Woodsworth stated that there are precedents for nomination of Associates and the Committee based its decision on the merits of the candidates. J. Woodsworth stated that CAPTPAA will take this concern under advisement. 7.8 Committee on Information Technology and Services There was concern over equipment being used in the Seton computer labs without students and faculty realizing they may be videorecorded. It was suggested that cautionary signage is a legal requirement when videorecording such areas. A progress report was requested on the recommendation that the Committee develop a policy advising all university computer users of the importance of backing up hard drives. J. Woodsworth will discuss these issues with P. Campbell. B. Harvey reported that instead of orientation sessions, lab monitors will be made available to students who need instruction. 7.9 Library M. Raven reported that the Committee met with P. Watts to discuss methods of improving research and reference services to distance students. M. Raven informed Senate of the Library Committeeâ s disappointment in the location of the library on the MSVU web site. T. Paris wrote a letter to J. Woodsworth and copied it to R Jeppesen stating his concerns regarding the library location on the web page. The response received indicated that the purpose of the web page was to attract students. The Committee believes that the library plays a crucial role in attracting new students. 7.10 Nominations I. Blum reported that the first round of nominations was sent and a second call will be sent shortly. I. Blum indicated that a number of positions received no nominations during the first round and hopes there is a greater number of nominees for the second round. 7.11 Research and Publications N. Kayhani reported that the second draft of the policy and procedures manual regarding research involving humans for Mount Saint Vincent University will be distributed in early February. The Committee has been updating the guidelines for the internal research grants. In February and March the Committee will adjudicate internal funds, present the Award of Research Excellence and review proposals for ethical concerns. 7.12 Student Affairs No report. 7.13 Committee on Teaching J. Woodsworth reported that the Committee will be operationalizing Blueprint 2000 by developing an action plan for the use of technology in teaching. M. Raven announced that there will be a brown bag lunch on February 8, 2000 to demonstrate the use of technology in the classroom. 7.13.1 Writing Initiatives Committee Revision of By-law 14.10 (Notice of motion was included in the December 6 Senate agenda) Movedby J. Woodsworth, seconded by G. Nepean that By-law 14.10.1, under Membership, elected members by deleting the line â -a Chair, elected by Senate,â and by changing â - three members of faculty elected by Senate...â to â - four members of faculty elected by Senate...â CARRIED. 7.14 Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships L Theriault reported that the Committee is reviewing the undergraduate admissions requirements and that a Sub-Committee will be announcing the bursary award recipients before the midterm break. There was concern that the title of the Committee was somewhat dated and that undergraduate should be removed from the title. L. Theriault stated at this time the Committee administers the undergraduate awards and an ad hoc Committee administers the graduate awards. 8. Other Reports 8.1 Board of Governors No report. 8.2 Student Council M. McIntosh reported that the Metro United Way surpassed its goal and raised $14,600. M. McIntosh informed Senate that the Student Union Awards Night is on March 22. The Student Union made a donation of $100 to the Womenâ s Coalition of Nova Scotia. M. McIntosh informed Senate that the course/professor evaluations will be distributed to students next week. The Academic Plan was presented to the Student Council on January 28. Representatives from the Student Union met with J. Purves, the Minister of Education, on January 7 to discuss the funding formula and how it affects the students of MSVU. M. McIntosh reported that the Nova Scotia Advocacy Coalition met last weekend and will meet on the weekend of February 5 to discuss student concerns regarding the Millennium Scholarships. M. McIntosh informed Senate that the January 27 Business dinner was successful. M. McIntosh announced that the Shinerama Committee will be holding campaigns throughout the year. 9. New Business 9.1 National Student Day of Action for Access 2000 on February 2, 2000 Moved by C. Ferns, seconded by P. Baker that Senate recognize the freedom of choice of all students to attend or not to attend the February 2 Access 2000 Student Day of Action against cuts to education; and that students who participate in the National Student Day of Action for Access 2000 on February 2, 2000 not be penalized for missed deadlines or examinations on that day, and be given reasonable alternative access to materials covered in their absence. CARRIED. (3 abstentions). C. Ferns discussed the background of the Canadian Access for Students campaign. There was some concern regarding the short notice to faculty. There was a discussion regarding the number of students this may affect and that some students might be able to inform professors beforehand of classes to be missed. 10. Items for Communication The Senate Office will inform faculty of the National Student Day of Action for Access 2000 on February 2, 2000. The Calendar will communicate course and program changes. 11. Adjournment Moved by G. Nepean, seconded by C. Portolesi that the meeting be adjourned at 9:00 p.m. CARRIED.