Man Among Women

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Salem, Randy
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Universal Publishing & Distributing Corp.
"They called themselves the fringe society...why? Why should wealthy women, attractive, smart and young, choose to be society's outcasts? Why did they rendezvous far off in the lonely Bahamas? Were they tired of compromising with life? Were they seeking freedom? Freedom to do what? Ralph Taylor, successful young photo-journalist, fed up with New York and his fiance, vacations in the Bahamas. Instead of the rest and peace he seeks, he becomes involved in a bitter struggle for the favors of the warped, yet beautiful, Alison Adams. It is Alison who introduces him to the forbidden secrets of her female circle. There he comes face to face with his deadliest rival...that formidable emotional stranglehold one woman has on another...that twisted bond that grips them both in a pact with the devil! Calling in to play all the masculine weapons he possesses - and he has many - Ralph engages in all-out war with striking Maxine Carpenter, with Alison's body for the prize. With a savage fury born of jealousy and envy, Maxine frantically lashes back. Most men would have given up... It would be easy to fight another man for her, he thought...but how could he fight a woman? A taboo subject is treated with frankess and deep understanding by Randy Salem, author of the best-selling novel, 'Chris'" -Back cover
Lesbians -- Fiction