"We are people of the island" Social and Cultural Microenterprise on the Small Island of Chiloe, Chile. Working paper 2009-07

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D'Ambrogi, Kim
Novaczek, Irené
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This research report examines the phenomenon of microenterprise on the small island of Chiloe in southern Chile, and asks how microentrepreneurship can be a motive force for empowerment and inclusion of people who tend to be at a disadvantage with regards to economic development. A position of disadvantage, it is important to note, is both circumstantial and "in the eye of the beholder" in that it depends on how "marginal" and "disadvantaged" are defined, and on the relationship between the people and that which seems to define them as "marginal". Often, a perceived disadvantage may in some ways and at particular times be an advantage. The complex interplay of perceived marginality with product and business development is explored with reference to the insularity involved with being situated on an island; the constraints and opportunities related to living in a rural district; issues of gender; and the entrepreneurial potential of indigenous people faced with the struggles of cultural survival and access to resources of the land and sea.
Working paper of the Social Economy Network Atlantic, www.msvu.ca/socialeconomyatlantic