Webinar: Exploring the Intersection of the Economic and Social Elements of Co-operation

(see youtube link above for webinar recording) This webinar explored where the economic and business aspects of co-operatives intersect with the social aspects of co-operatives. In exploring these concurrent bottom lines, the speakers examined co-operatives in the context of the social economy and as well, they explored how co-operatives use social accounting to critically examine their social impact as an enterprise. Dr. J.J. McMurtry of York University and editor of the book Living Economics: Perspectives on Canada's Social Economy, will define the social economy (unpacking how these two concepts can be defined together) and how co-operatives can be defined therein. Dr. Laurie Mook of Arizona State University and co-author of the book What Counts: social accounting for nonprofits and cooperatives, will describe concepts of social and sustainability accounting and describe how co-operatives balance this type of measurement and performance evaluation in tandem with economic and business evaluation. J.J. McMurtry is an Associate Professor in the Business and Society Program at York University. Professor McMurtry's areas of specialization include co-operative theory and practice, alternative economics, the Social Economy, and social and political thought. He is one of the founders of Green Campus Co-ops and is a member of the National Research Cluster for the Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network CURA. Laurie Mook is Assistant Professor in the Nonprofit Leadership and Management program in the School of Community Resources and Development, and research associate at the Lodestar Center for Nonprofit Innovation and Philanthropy, at Arizona State University. Prior to moving to Arizona, Laurie was co-director of the Social Economy Centre of the University of Toronto in Canada. She is co-author of What Counts: Social Accounting for Nonprofits and Cooperatives now in its second edition from Sigel Press, and of Understanding the Social Economy from the University of Toronto Press. Her areas of interest are the social economy (nonprofits, co-operatives, and social enterprise), volunteerism and social accounting.