Webinar: A Discussion of the Economic Impact of Co-operatives

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Karaphillis, George
Lake, Alicia
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Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network
(unfortunately due to technical issues the recording of this webinar is not available) Economic impact is a hot topic in the co-op community and sometimes it seems elusive to capture the full picture. George Karaphillis and Alicia Lake, researchers from Cape Breton University will share recent research on the economic impact of co-operatives in Canada which helps illustrate the various metrics that can be assessed. Their project is part of the Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network and applies the multiplier effect to assess how co-operative businesses provide a robust contribution to Canadian communities (jobs, taxes, and more). Speaker information: George Karaphillis is Director of the MBA in Community Economic Development (CED) program, Director of the CED Institute, and Associate Professor of Management Science at Cape Breton University. Karaphillis has researched and published extensively on the social economy. Alicia Lake is a recent graduate of the MBA in CED program at Cape Breton University. Alicia has been involved in several research projects on co-operatives and community development and also is well known in Cape Breton for her organizing around local food and grassroots initiatives.