Examining an orientation program for international medical graduates (IMGs) through the lens of critical theory a learner-centered program

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MacPherson, Gwen
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My research will explore how although many orientation programs for International Medical Graduates (IMG's) claim to adhere to adult learning principles, they are often not designed to respond to a number of concerns critical theories in adult education would address such as power issues, including concerns around race, gender and lifelong learning. In my thesis, I will be introducing a theoretical analysis of some of the concerns around developing curriculum and designing programs for IMGs. My discussion will be informed by existing research, my own professional experience and related literature from other healthcare related disciplines such as nursing, social work, and pharmacy critical education. I will also investigate the potential of adult learning theories and, in particular, critical theories in adult education/lifelong learning to inform the development of successful IMG programs. Although the focus of my study is linked to my experience in working with the IMG program in Nova Scotia, this examination of learning theories may be applicable to developing improved curriculum for IMG programs across Canada and elsewhere. The application of a critical lens in the orientation of IMGs will enable adult educators within these programs to foster more inclusive and beneficial teaching practices.
Physicians , Rural Medicine , Nova Scotia , Medical Students