Webinar: People-Power-Profit: The Emergence of Renewable Energy Co-operatives in Canada

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dc.contributor.author Lipp, Judith
dc.contributor.author McMurtry, J.J.
dc.contributor.author Groszko, Wayne
dc.date.accessioned 2015-06-01T19:30:27Z
dc.date.available 2015-06-01T19:30:27Z
dc.date.issued 2012-03
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10587/1514
dc.description These are slides from a webinar given in March 2012. This webinar toured the audience through renewable energy development across Canada, celebrating the successes and articulating the challenges of this exciting new co-op sector. The webinar discusses the current state of community power in Canada, and makes comparisons to European nations, Germany in particular. It discusses the policy environment for community power in Ontario and Nova Scotia in more detail, and comments on the current barriers and opportunities for the sector. The session created space to discuss the following questions: What are the policy and regulatory contexts? How do we build stronger cohesion across the country? How do co-operative principles and values apply to renewable energy co-ops? Unfortunately no audio recording is available for this webinar. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network en_US
dc.type Webinar / Slide Presentation / Public Lecture en_US
dc.title Webinar: People-Power-Profit: The Emergence of Renewable Energy Co-operatives in Canada en_US
dc.format.availability Full-text en_US
dc.subject.se-space-enterprise-en Co-operatives en_US
dc.subject.se-space-enterprise-en Consumer/Retail Co-operatives en_US
dc.subject.se-space-enterprise-en Producer Co-operatives en_US
dc.subject.se-space-enterprise-fr Coopératives en_US
dc.subject.se-space-enterprise-fr Consommateurs / coopératives de détail en_US
dc.subject.se-space-enterprise-fr Coopératives de producteurs en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-en Canada en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-en Outside Canada en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-en Ontario en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-en Europe en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-en Nova Scotia
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-fr Canada en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-fr Hors du Canada en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-fr Ontario en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-fr Europe en_US
dc.subject.sespace-geographic-fr Nouvelle-Écosse
dc.subject.sespace-sector-en Energy, Forestry & other Natural Resources en_US
dc.subject.sespace-sector-fr Énergie, foresterie et autres ressources naturelles en_US
dc.subject.sespace-theme-en Community Economic Development / Socio-Economic Development en_US
dc.subject.sespace-theme-en Policies & Programs / Government Initiatives en_US
dc.subject.sespace-theme-en Sustainable Development & Environmental Issues en_US
dc.subject.sespace-theme-fr Développement économique communautaire / Développement socio-économique en_US
dc.subject.sespace-theme-fr Politiques et programmes / Initiatives du gouvernement en_US
dc.subject.sespace-theme-fr Développement durable et problèmes environnementaux en_US
dc.subject.sespace-research-en Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network (2010-2015) en_US
dc.subject.sespace-research-fr Réseau de recherche pour mesurer la différence coopérative (2010-2015) en_US

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